#1000Speak: A Shotgun Wedding

It had to be the appearance of the gun that sent her to the divorce attorney, because, let’s face it, guns were never her kind of thing. Even though he waved it in her face, pointed it at her, touched the muzzle to her chest, and threatened to shoot himself with it, too, she survived that night. It’s just as likely he killed her anyway.

Make A Memory at Rotary Happy Feet

I spent yesterday morning crying, I mean, volunteering at Rotary Happy Feet. A joint production of Mount Pleasant and East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Clubs, Happy Feet gives school shoes and socks to children whose parents could otherwise not afford them. I cried, because I helped Jonathan. He's already a heartbreaker, and he's only four.

He Wants To Ride His Bicycle

My friend Steve Burns is insane. Really, truly cray-cray. But, because he's lost it over bicycles, I'm willing to tolerate him. His work for World Bicycle Relief beats the crap out of my Natchez Trace Walk. Read his words below, and take action if that's your pleasure. Bikes for the People!