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The End of the Walk Contest

Sometime today (maybe by the time you read this post), I'll walk up to milepost 444 on the Natchez Trace and end my 444-mile trek from Natchez, Mississippi. I don't know how I'm going to feel, but I'm sure I'll be crying.

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The Demon on Their Shoulder

Meriwether Lewis was far more human than the comic-book history hero depicted in the grade school textbooks.

Imagine his emotion having led his crew of 30-some tough men to drag and row their crafts upstream for over a thousand miles, only to be faced not with the gentle crest of a continental divide, but the vertical wall of the Rocky Mountains.

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Never Let Me Down Again Redux II

People let us down. I've let people down. It's a predictable cycle. Most people do their best, but we never know what others may expect from what they give us.

It's best to expect nothing.

Except from myself

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Have You Ever Eaten Crow?

I can't do this. Really. I can't. I mean, I reallyreallyREALLY can't.

Welcome to my internal monologue.

(Surely, you've done this, Dear Reader. Haven't you?)

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A Change Would Do You Good

We humans do not like change. At all. I mean, think of the last time your routine was upended. Or, you were thrust into a different setting. Or, your go-to restaurant took your favorite dish off them menu. Or, your partner tried to touch you..........well, never mind.

My point is this: I pride myself on being flexible. Open-minded. Unaffected by variety. And, I'm an idiot to be proud of any of those things.

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