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To Live Forever Reader Question Eight

Apologies for the second post for today, but last night's updates fell into a cell-hole.

Keep those questions coming, and I'll keep answering them!

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Rednecks White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer

"Don't hit that deer, Andra!"

"I SEE IT, DAD!!!!!!"

"Golly Molly, Andra. You're gonna kill us all. I hope this restaurant is worth all this trouble."

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To Begin Again

Here's to the first day of an amazing year, Dear Reader. Happy 2014!

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Putting the X in X-Mas

In my attempt to light a fire under your Christmas spirit I have counted down the past twelve days passing on some of my favorite musical selections to some very lucky winners.

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Are You Well-Lubricated?

Sometimes, a picture says more than I ever could with words……

authorized lubricant marketerA sign in Asheville, North Carolina. If you’re looking for an eclectic place to visit, put Asheville at the top of your list.



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