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I Came. I Saw. I READ.

I read an article in the Washington Post recently. Reading Is Different Online Than Off. Seriously. Click on the link.

I'll wait.

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A Code Section Rant

No. This is not a rant about my cootchie.

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The Problem of Contemporary Architecture

Besides being Andra's Mate/Target/Muse, I am also an architect in Charleston, SC. That means I am often asked my opinions about various Charleston buildings, especially works of contemporary architecture.

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To My New Secret Admirer

Dear New Secret Admirer:

I cheated on you yesterday.

You've recently made it clear that I should keep no secrets between us. Nothing hidden. Everything in play. And, for a while, that was okay, because I did not fully comprehend your rules.

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My Kingdom for a Blow Up Doll

The props list for a certain play called for one "life-sized blow-up doll." I squinted at it. A blow-up doll? I can't walk into the sex shop and buy a blow-up doll. I just can't do it.

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