ochoco reach

Be Among the First to Read Ochoco Reach!

Ochoco Reach, author Jim Stewart's debut novel, is worth your reading investment. I'm not providing a ringing endorsement because Jim is my friend. I'm not typing it because he asked me to. (He didn't.) I'm not recommending it because it's a thriller set in places I love to visit: the Pacific Northwest and coastal Mexico. Ochoco Reach will fan its pages in your face.


When Newbies Play Dad Is Well Hung

I love it when anyone takes me up on a creative offer, but when newbies embrace the crazy? THE. BEST. Do YOU have what it takes to play Dad Is Well Hung?


Dad Is Well Hung in Manhattan

Dad has a story about Manhattan. Last weekend, he relayed it for the billionth time. A protest of sorts, because he didn't want to eat Mexican food. Did Dad order water and sulk? Get the Everything Platter and stink us out of house and home? Read on.