The One Where the British Ate Frogmore Stew

My favorite thing about writing is bringing people together. I love it when people read something and reach out to meet me. But I also love building communities of people who like to interact with each other. It's work, and I don't always feel like I do the best job these days, but I made up for it on Saturday night. MTM and I threw a party for Kate Shrewsday and her family. It was an opportunity for Kate to meet some readers who found her writing through mine. She also got to meet other people with whom she's interacted on my site.

Book Club Traditions – Beaufort Book Bashers Kennedy Punch

Book Club Traditions – Beaufort Book Bashers Kennedy Punch

Maybe she wore a pillbox hat. A tailored sheath. Gloves would've been appropriate, given her precious cargo. Whatever she wore, when she showed up with a vat of white sangria, the Beaufort Book Bashers treated her with Camelot-like awe. Or they made fun of her with Kennedy-esque wit. Or they lubricated their book discussion with tequila-fueled hallucinations.

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A Bottle of White. A Bottle of Red.

Meriwether Lewis visited Dr. Benjamin Rush in Philadelphia on the eve of his big journey with the Corps of Discovery. He was the team's de facto doctor, and he learned at the feet of Dr. Rush. Dr. Rush was a big fan of a special kind of medicine: purgatives. Things that, when ingested, gave the victim a big ole case of the runs. His favorite purgative was a pill of his own creations. The Thunderclapper. (Just imagine where it got its name.)