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A Bottle of White. A Bottle of Red.

Meriwether Lewis visited Dr. Benjamin Rush in Philadelphia on the eve of his big journey with the Corps of Discovery. He was the team's de facto doctor, and he learned at the feet of Dr. Rush.
Dr. Rush was a big fan of a special kind of medicine: purgatives. Things that, when ingested, gave the victim a big ole case of the runs. His favorite purgative was a pill of his own creations.

The Thunderclapper. (Just imagine where it got its name.)

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The Beauty in Boiled Peanuts

MTM is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up eating things like frozen custard and cheese curds and Friday Fish Fry. He is a hot, slender man in spite of that early diet.
On the other hand, I have never lived north of the Mason-Dixon line. While I love to get out of The South, I would probably spontaneously combust if I tried to live anywhere else on earth. My Southern genes would likely attack themselves trying to recreate the hot, humid Hell I've always lived in.

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She’s My Cherry Pie

"My friend Mark is getting married."

"Huh. Really?"

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Gnaw on This

MTM and I are foodies. No, that does not mean we are culinary snobs who shun all but premium grub. We like to eat. In fact, we are pigs, and lately, we are partial to a certain kind of pig.

It's a rut.

Part of filling one's creative tank is changing up the food routine. We needed to gnaw on something new.

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Turn Your Kitchen into a Still. Make Strawberry Liqueur.

One of the my most popular all-time posts has nothing to do with my Cootchie.


Back in 2010, I wrote a recipe for making blackberry liqueur at home. You can find it by clicking here. It's become one of my most-read entries, even making a short list of how-to recipes on

This year, MTM and I decided to try a new twist in our hooch factory, I mean, kitchen. Strawberries are available in much of the United States right now. How better to commemorate their little red lives than by drowning them in Everclear, swirling them with simple syrup, and fermenting them for a few months? Summer, fall or winter, we'll have a tasty bit of spring to sip and hiccup, I mean, savor.

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