postcard, multnomah falls

Want a Postcard From My Next Trip?

On September 13, I head to Portland, Oregon. Lewis and Clark country. Six events. Three days. Plus a day to mimic their footsteps. Explore a new-to-me site or two. Read on to find out how you can get a Lewis and Clark postcard from dear old me.


Why Do We Become Our Parents?

When I was growing up with 1970s parents, I noted two things about my father: 1. He commandeered the telephone late into the night, shouting about his plant's wood supply; and 2. He spent every other second in his recliner. A recliner spewed from his butt. A permanent appendage. His lost tail. I vowed I would NEVER be like him. Here's how that turned out.............


How to Navigate Life’s Turbulence Like a Champ

If you've been following my online life, you know I'm the walking definition of a glamorous existence. Relaxing by the pool. Hobnobbing in casinos. Hiking new (to me) trails. Jetting to Europe. Scouring old palaces. Cementing friendships. FACT: Most people only share the "Don't You Wish You Were Me" bits of life on social media. ALSO FACT: I'm like most people.