My Brother. An Update.

Thank you to everyone who supported my brother and my parents during our recent crisis. Since I shared my brother's situation, I've tried to respect his privacy.

life mt hood

Life Gives Us What We Need. Exactly When We Need It.

I'm living proof of the old cliche: We never know what burdens others shoulder. As I wander the corridors of despair, I've been touched by so many people. Thank you for reaching out to my family and me during our greatest crisis. My post today is an example of how a reader tried to cushion my fall. Thank you to Shelby, North Carolina's Becky Love for sharing her Make a Memory story with me last night. It hit my inbox as I groped for how to tackle this day. Before I turn things over to Becky, I'll provide a quick update.

world suicide prevention day

How To Cope With Suicide

On the eve of World Suicide Prevention Day, my brother tried to kill himself. I won't be pithy or trite. A suicide attempt guts responses anyway. Synapses don't fire. Fingers won't type. Ideas refuse to flow.....or they overflow.