Is Anything Really Free?

I'm no longer sure what I want this space to be, but today, I'm taking it back to an early place. In this distant past, I used to put things here when I didn't know how to talk about them. I'm having one of those moments, and I hope a few people are still interested in helping me work through it.

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How To Help Charleston: A Comprehensive List

Rather than give another set of opinions about what happened or how to fix my city, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of ways you can help the families of the Charleston shooting victims, concrete things you can actually DO to make a difference for the people of Charleston.


Gone To Ground

A backdraft smacks him in the face when they open the door of the plane. Concentrated heat melts into him, causing his skin to crackle. He can hear it burn as he trudges along the jetway. By the time he makes it to his rented car, he is sweating, but before he can wipe his brow with the back of his hand, the welcome sensation of dewey wetness evaporates into the parched air.