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The Breakneck Witch Project

"This is JUST LIKE the Blair Witch Project!"

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Why Don’t You Sneak a Peek?


This came in the mail Wednesday.

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He Wants To Ride His Bicycle

My friend Steve Burns is insane. Really, truly cray-cray. But, because he's lost it over bicycles, I'm willing to tolerate him. His work for World Bicycle Relief beats the crap out of my Natchez Trace Walk. Read his words below, and take action if that's your pleasure.

Bikes for the People!

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College Football? What a Waste of Time!

In the American South, people structure their entire existences around college football. It's like going to mass. Every weekend there's a home game, people climb into their mascot-themed vehicles, drive hours in traffic, spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a buffet that would rival a royal marriage reception, and generally cannot be relied upon to do anything other than worship at the Altar of Football.

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Things Fall Apart To Come Together

To fall apart. To come together.

Maybe that's what the Lion King meant in the song "Circle of Life." Have I mentioned how much I love cartoons?

Surely you've had one of those days where you thought nothing worked.

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