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I Hope My Bladder Doesn’t Burst

MTM is a hopeless romantic. For Valentine's Day, he gave me a new bladder.

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Throwing My Skirt Up

DISCLAIMER: No living creature was harmed in the updating of this web site. Unless one counts overheard bursts of profanity. Or the pieces of furniture and bits of technology that were beaten to a pulp. Marriages were strained, but they remain intact. We are not responsible for additional damage to persons and property caused by makeup sex.

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

MTM says I have no sense of direction. Put me out in an unknown place, and you are liable to never see me again.

So, when I needed to do a long walk in Charlotte, North Carolina, MTM was sure I could handle the Little Sugar Creek Greenway.

"It follows this creek for six miles, Andra. How could you get lost?"

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Dropping a Pair

I didn't give up on a new pair of comfort shoes. I caressed every pair in the Camper store, wondering how my chiropractor would score them.

And, if I didn't have the image of his approving/disapproving face in my head, I still had the pain in my right foot.

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Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

The human foot contains a quarter of the bones in the human body. Twenty-six bones in each, linked together by a complex structure of tendons and ligaments and muscles, all designed to carry our weight.

The feet are the body's workhorses.

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