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Digital Detox: The Backslider’s Edition

Growing up, I heard the term 'backslider.' A lot. Along with the terms 'bad attitude' and 'rebellion' and a host of other Very Bad Things. At various times, all of them were applied to me.

Here's the Free Dictionary's definition:

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The Cons of Digital Detox

Yesterday, I listed a few of the positives from my experience with Digital Detox Lite as a lifestyle. You can find the post here.

Today, I'm going to list a few of the negatives, keeping in mind that a downside is merely a point-of-view. If a reader decides to adopt this lifestyle, I want to make sure I provide a realistic take on all angles.

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Digital Detox Lite: A Follow Up Report

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my plans to continue Digital Detox Lite as an everyday part of my life. I made a checklist designed to limit my time online to two hours a day, and I charged into digital detox as my new normal. (You can find the checklist here.)

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Details of my Digital Detox

Yesterday, I wrote a post on what I learned from my week-long digital detox. I was surprised when I was inundated with questions about how I did it. Before I pick up my planned theme, here's an inside look at Andra's Digital Detox: Week 1.

The key to my digital detox is.....

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What I Learned From My Digital Detox

Hello there, Dear Readers! I am happy to 'see' you again. A quick post to report on the results of my digital detox. It was one of the most illuminating weeks of my life.

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