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Say It Isn’t So (A Post About You)

A Tuesday post!! From Moi! To persecute your inbox and give you another thing you don't have time to read!!!!! Say it isn't so!!!!!!!

Bwahahahahaha. (To quote Lou Mello.)

I owe you an apology. You, Dear Reader. Not Lou Mello.

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Over It

Maybe a quick post. Maybe not.

MTM's collarbone surgery is at 2:30pm today. It's scheduled to take 2 1/2 hours. We both appreciate thoughts and prayers (especially since MTM won't be able to eat all day. People are prone to become grouchy when they can't eat...........though bad nurses are always grouchy.)

Feeling overwhelmed makes me grouchy.

And I should be thankful.

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I Will Be Here

Only I won't be.


Because writing demands isolation. Solitude. Aloneness. To hear the voices.

For the next week, I will be immersed. On Edisto . Comparing earth to water to say. Walking. But not responding to comments. Or reading blogs.

I don't know how to elaborate. Because anything I type comes off as bitchy. And I am not a bitch.

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The Breakneck Witch Project

"This is JUST LIKE the Blair Witch Project!"

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Mommy, You Hurted My Penis!

It happens. When a boy is three.

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