Retracing My Steps On The Natchez Trace

Three years ago, I walked the Natchez Trace Parkway…all 444 miles of it…over one million steps…….. But sometimes it’s fun to retrace our steps. You can read more in this blog...


5 Reasons to Travel in the Terrorist Age

MTM and I devoured the news. Brussels, Belgium was on lockdown. The US Embassy warned Americans to stay indoors, to avoid crowds. US military travel was frozen. Troops with submachine guns roamed cobbled streets already spit-shined for the holiday. We had two airline tickets for Brussels. Leaving the day before Thanksgiving. After twenty-four hours of deliberation and debate, we called our airline. No, not to cancel our trip. We wanted to review our options for both near-Brussels and alternative travel. It's easy to find the nearest bunker in this terrorist age. Parisian-style attacks can (and probably will) happen anywhere, anytime. MTM and I decided to pursue our annual "No Family Holidays With Family" Thanksgiving trip as normal, because if we didn't, the terrorists win. We came up with five reasons to keep traveling. We hope our list will help you see the world while staying smart and safe.


A Librarian and An Author Walk Into a Bar……..

Erwin Magbanua is a twenty-first century librarian. He's the Programming and Special Events Coordinator for San Diego Public Library. The man is in charge of events for almost forty branches. He organizes everything from author events to movie nights to corporate trainings to weddings. Yes, people actually want to get married at San Diego's new Central Library. And they want to hold receptions on the ninth floor rooftop, with booze and bands and a diving board designed by the building's architect. But that's not why my readers will care about Erwin. I understand what makes you people swoon..............