Sticks Stones and Stupidity: An Update

Back in November, MTM broke his collarbone due to someone else's stupidity. Sticks and stones. Was it the stress of being his nursemaid or the parasite living in my right eye that caused me to almost go blind? I still don't know.

donna branch

Meet a Character: Buffalo River Farm’s Donna Branch

Natchez Trace stand-keepers were often women. Buffalo River Farm's Donna Branch is a testament to Trace history. On the Tennessee frontier, the Trace meandered through creeks and soared over rocky crests. The men who made it that far often carried shredded shoes to the next stop, hoping for repairs with their meal and bed. Maybe a few weary wanderers crossed the land of Donna's ancestors, a couple of miles east of the Trace. Donna Branch would've welcomed them.

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Make a Memory: Author Lisa A. Kramer

Author Lisa A. Kramer never thought a flight from Boston to Nashville would change her life. "I'm going to come and walk with you on the Natchez Trace!" Lisa, a complete stranger, proclaimed by e-mail. I believed I knew her from online correspondence, but would we deplore one another on sight?