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A Feather In Her Cap

When does a girl become a woman? Develop those fabled feminine wiles? Is it during wide-eyed, chub-cheeked infanthood? Her inaugural surf of the red wave? Maybe it happens the first time she, um...........logs her First Time. Or maybe it's the first time she enjoys it.

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A Sea of Voices From the Past

You've probably never heard of him. Unless you're a serious photographer.

from the Wynn Bullock website
I went to the Wynn Bullock retrospective at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, expecting 100 photographs that mimicked Ansel Adams, his more famous contemporary.

Instead, I found myself alone. Wandering three galleries of otherworldly photographs. Unlike anything. Unique.

Would it be weird to admit some of the images called to me?

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Sex With Cars

MTM used to race cars. With people who went on to become actual NASCAR drivers. He worked as a mechanic through high school and college, when his prized possession was a 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass W-31.

(I had to google it too, Dear Reader.)


Why did I find myself in a museum exhibit called "Dream Cars" last week?


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Promiscuous Read: The Plover by Brian Doyle

Eclectic reader? Adventurous reader? Snobbish reader?

I've been called all those things by people who aren't readers. Because to me, a person is either a reader or they're not.

I classify books as "great books" and "dreck." Period. I don't even pay attention to the genre, because I don't care. A good book deserves to be read, especially when we are served up so many not-good-books and told to love them. (The Goldfinch, anyone?)

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College Football? What a Waste of Time!

In the American South, people structure their entire existences around college football. It's like going to mass. Every weekend there's a home game, people climb into their mascot-themed vehicles, drive hours in traffic, spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a buffet that would rival a royal marriage reception, and generally cannot be relied upon to do anything other than worship at the Altar of Football.

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