Meet the Poet – Pamela Beckford Introduces Third Poetry Collection

Meet the Poet – Pamela Beckford Introduces Third Poetry Collection

I'm pleased to introduce you to Pamela Beckford. She's just publisheed her 3rd solo poetry collection, and it's awesome. Using various poetic forms she illustrates how love can set the heart on fire but also shows how that same love can turn to ashes.

Tori's Thomas took me for several rides in his golf cart. He never ran over me. Not once.

Because Food Is the Essence of Memory

Because food is the essence of memory. During January, I think I ATE everywhere to launch Not Without My Father: One Woman's 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace. Behold, a comprehensive list of where to eat if you decide to darken the Natchez Trace region. Some public. Some not. Pity for you.

making memories not without my father

Making Memories with Steven Addis of TED X

"Will you take our picture?" Steven Addis introduces himself and his daughter to a random stranger. Accosting unknowns for camera duty started as a whim. On a NYC street corner, he held his one-year-old daughter in his arms. They smiled, retrieved the camera and went home. He didn't realize he Made a Memory until the next year. Coincidence led him to the same street corner with his two-year-old daughter. Another passerby. A duplicate shot with a bigger girl and an older man.