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On Why Melancholy Is Necessary

Writer Laren Stover made a case for melancholy in Sunday's New York Times. She exalted every excuse to be blue and extolled every morbid thought. She even imagined a world where she could retreat with her own darkness and despair. I closed my eyes and conjured the last time my world was truly black. Hopelessly hopeless. Months and months and months of downright morbidity. I was thirty-one and dumped by a man I wanted to marry.


The Land Between the Rivers

I came to the Land Between the Rivers. Walked in the steps of shades. Waded in mud and ooze and wet. Remembered. Perhaps. I fly to the Land Among Waters. Walk in the footprints of Time. Wade through rain-soaked green. Birth experiences to remember.


A Facebook Change That’s Good For You

Facebook is at it again. They've changed their platform in a major way. This time, I THINK IT'S A GOOD THING. For the past 18 months or so, Facebook's algorithm has decided what you see in your newsfeed for both personal profiles and pages. In the past couple of weeks, they've changed the system. You can now control what you see on Facebook. EVERYTHING you see on Facebook.