karen snyder

Make a Memory: Karen Snyder

I met reader Karen Snyder when I was thirty-two. She and I worked at the same law firm: she as paralegal; I as administrator. Managing lawyers is like herding cliche there. I boiled my days in pots of stress, and I was seldom happy. Karen was always a happy face. It lit up my office (well really, it was a closet). Every time she poked her head around the doorframe or sat across from my desk, my day improved. She doesn't know how much she helped me endure those ten long months. I'll always be grateful for her.

Shake It Up…Changing My Posting Schedule

Shake It Up…Changing My Posting Schedule

Information moves at light speed on the Information Super Highway. I spend much of my online time feeling like I'm bolting through an Interstellar wormhole..........


Sticks Stones and Stupidity: An Update

Back in November, MTM broke his collarbone due to someone else's stupidity. Sticks and stones. Was it the stress of being his nursemaid or the parasite living in my right eye that caused me to almost go blind? I still don't know.