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Lizzi Rogers is outstanding. Be it as a writer, a poet (which I put in another category because, dang, I can't do it), a cheerleader for other writers or a friend. I hope you'll follow the link below and check out Lizzi's generous interview with someone you know.


How to Make the Best of Absolutely Nothing

Have you ever made plans, only to see them fall through? Yeah. Me too. I'm supposed to be in Italy right now. Because after a stressful Spring, what's better than guzzling—I mean SIPPING wine under the Tuscan sun? Only I'm NOT in Italy, because LIFE. Instead, I'm stuck in my house. I know. Nobody feels sorry for me.


How to Crap When Your Wife’s in the Bathtub

(To honor my parents' fiftieth anniversary, I wrote a post in my father's voice.) Linda and me, we celebrated our golden wedding anniversary yesterday. You know, fifty years. That woman done put up with me fifty years! Naw, I cain't believe it either.