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Submit Your Favorite Walking Song. Or Road Trip Song.

A quick post, Dear Reader. I'm almost to the end of my final memoir revision.

And I need your help.

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The One Where the British Ate Frogmore Stew

My favorite thing about writing is bringing people together. I love it when people read something and reach out to meet me. But I also love building communities of people who like to interact with each other. It's work, and I don't always feel like I do the best job these days, but I made up for it on Saturday night.

MTM and I threw a party for Kate Shrewsday and her family. It was an opportunity for Kate to meet some readers who found her writing through mine. She also got to meet other people with whom she's interacted on my site.

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Friendship Makes the World Go Around

I meant to take pictures, pictures, pictures of our visit with the Shrewsdays. Really, I did.

But after spending two solid weeks looking at screens, I decided to give myself a little break. Sort of. After all, I was sweating from every pore in the 108 degree heat index on Saturday, the day MTM planned to take the Shrewsdays on the Mayors Institute Walking Tour of Charleston. And, because Kate is Kate, he wanted to give her the FULL tour, not the highlights dignitaries often request because they can't walk far.

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I’m An Idiot Who Doesn’t Do Details

Yesterday, I wrote a post about Vikings in the Mississippi River. I got the link from a reader, and in my word-addled haze of revising, I didn't even check the source or determine whether it was legitimate. I just wrote a story and hit 'Schedule' because I was fried.

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Did the Vikings Walk the Natchez Trace?

I've used my research about Meriwether Lewis as a springboard to study theories about how people populated North and South America. Scholars propose and debate theories from the outlandish to the plausible.

I enjoy them all.

I've written about the Welsh prince Madoc and the theory that his clan crossed the Atlantic in the 1100s and founded the Mandan tribe in South Dakota. Nobody's ever found a shred of evidence to prove that tale.

But maybe the Mandans had blue-eyed, fair-haired folk for a different reason. Maybe that line of DNA came from the Vikings.

Archeologists have uncovered a Viking ship mired in Mississippi mud in the river near Memphis, Tennessee.

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