audio version

For months and months and months, I’ve been promising an audio version of Not Without My Father. Today, I’m full-to-bursting.

Sometime in the next month,
the audio version of
Not Without My Father
will be available!

Kate Shrewsday is working her mix-and-master magic this week. Once it’s uploaded, Audible will process it, a timeframe no one can predict these days. But SOON.

I read this freaking book OUT LOUD about twenty times. I recorded it ten times.

At least.

I lost my religion in expletive-filled tantrums. I scared the neighbors. I awoke from nightmares covered in sweat. My own voice chased me through murky, enclosed spaces and cackled at my inability to master technology.

I despaired.

Kate Shrewsday restored my sanity. She rescued this doomed project from the sewer of my own imaginings, and she helped me turn it into something powerful. She even brewed perfect English tea to coat my throat when my voice croaked and rasped.

Kate Shrewsday
saved my life.

I hope you’re as excited about this project as I am. It has extras you won’t find in print. I tell one of my favorite stories that didn’t make it into the book. I even answer reader questions.

Please make your list.
Think about who might enjoy this audio book.
Get ready to share it with them.

The first announcement will come in my e-newsletter. If you aren’t getting it, GO HERE to sign up (and receive four free limited edition postcards for your trouble.) If you’re signed up for my e-newsletter but you aren’t seeing it, please check your spam settings and clear my e-news. Take a stroll through your junk folders and free me.

Please enjoy a sneak listen at the first audio chapter of Not Without My Father: One Woman’s 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace.

“I can’t believe my flight is delayed.” That’s me. Professional whiner. I was supposed to be in Nashville for the 27th Annual Southern Festival of Books. Delta’s mysterious flight cancellation forced me to miss a day.

One day of networking. One day of making impressions on potential readers. One day of milking an event I had to bankroll in order to participate.

Anyone who checks my recent calendar knows I’m a pro at upset plans. This time was no different. I did what I always do…….

hightailed it to bed, stuck my thumb in my mouth, and complained.

MTM stayed planted at our shared desk, unwilling to countenance in my bitch-a-thon. He wrangled with Delta while I blasted them online.

“I got you into Nashville by tonight. 7:30pm central time.” MTM breached the bedroom door, took one look at my stormy face, and fled. “I don’t care how much money this is costing us, Andra. It’s a notch in your author bedpost.”

“Yeah? I guess that’s why I feel like an alphabetical whore.”

He ignored me while I googled voodoo hexes for certain airlines and fought to adjust my attitude. I was lucky to be invited to Nashville, regardless of how not-easy it was to get there.

If I repeated anything enough,
eventually I would believe it.

From the beginning, I fashioned myself a best selling author. I strode into every new locale and fresh room, projecting myself as worthy of the New York Times. Every day, I checked my paltry sales and adjusted my approach to convince a few more readers to give me an audition. Several times a week, I cried and wailed and folded myself into a fetal ball of despair.

Despair is depressing, though.
I got up and tried again.

When I belted a scream, MTM came running. “What is it now, Andra? You’re scaring me. I know this delay is frustrating, but—”

He stopped in front of my open laptop, its screen blinking with one headline.

new york times heart attack

I made the New York Times best seller list, AND I almost gave MTM a heart attack.


Through November 8, 2015, e-book versions of Not Without My Father will be 99 cents. Kindle. Nook. iTunes. Kobo. If you’ve been trying to convince someone to give it a try, head to my Facebook Author Page and share this offer with them. Or if you want to get a head start on your holiday shopping, order a few copies as gifts.


Tomorrow, I’ll give readers a brief update on my brother. I hope to see you here.


Friday, my very first piece of global snark will debut on one of the biggest niche websites in America. Which one, you ask?

Tune in Friday.

Today, I want to hear from you.

How satisfied are you with your social media experiences?
Do you feel more/less connected than two years ago?
How often do you get together with friends who occupy the same geography?


These questions relate to Friday’s story, but I’d love to read your thoughts today.

And before you read Friday’s piece, I’m issuing a disclaimer:

I did not write Friday’s story with anyone in mind.

I did not pen it to be hateful,
to embarrass anyone,
to be passive aggressive
or to make anyone I know feel

In fact, I hope a few people will
relate and maybe find it funny.

I’ll come back to this post Friday and provide a link to the piece with instructions for sharing. I’ll also pound out a quick Friday post with the same information.