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A Phone Booth Where You Need One

To read the first installment in the Open Mouth Series, click here. Otherwise, this post won’t make sense. Besides, it’s yet another photo of me with my mouth open.

That girl, she almost did a number on herself when she saw that grizzly bear scat. She slipped and skidded and cursed and screamed all the way down a very big hill. Over rocks. Under low-hanging branches. Through tight spots.

She only fell. Once.

Torn and bloody, she staggered onto the rocky shore of an alpine lake. At one end, a glacier calved into ice water. She stood at the other end, breathing. The scent of Christmas filled her lungs, and she drank it in.

Until she realized, she wasn’t breathing alone.

When she whipped around, two big eyes watched her from a height. They moved closer, attached to hair and skin and fangs and……

Did you call that place in Juneau? We need to make that call before we get on the boat.

She blinked. Why was that big grizzly bear speaking? To her?

Dollar signs shot through her eyes right before she caterwauled in fright, before she blinked again and realized the Bear Sasquatch Creature was really the love of her life.

Imagination. It’s really everything.

Just let me zip into this phone booth over here. I’ll make that call right now.

Open Mouth. Insert _______.

Once upon a time, I had a thriving management consulting firm. Before the crash. Before tons of people lost their jobs and decided to hang up the “I-Can-Do-Anything-She-Can-Do” shingle. Before I went for my dream, to make something that’s mine and write.

I still take clients, here and there, but back when I was billing exponential consulting hours per week, I produced an e-newsletter. The writing was sort of dry, but that was never really the point for me.

The pictures. They were what kept me producing the e-newsletter. How could I take a specific picture and build a whole management consulting newsletter – one that would actually be useful – around a single ridiculous photo?

In the coming days, I’m going to dig out some of these open-mouthed jewels, dust them off, and craft a story on the blog. Here’s the first installment:

She had a hard time. Climbing down the slick mound had worn her out, but she clung to it. Fiercely. And now, the ground was mostly level.


She thrashed through what remained to reach bottom. Things that tickled her face and stuck in her hair. A relentless downhill after the climax.

She’d done it all before.

Still, she didn’t expect it. In the waning hours of daylight, she found a package along her path. A gift. A thank-you for coming.

Too bad it wasn’t all tied up with a grizzly bear bow.


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