magical book sale

What’s better than reading a magical book?

Reading a magical book you got on sale!

From TODAY, February 22 to Tuesday, February 26, Kobo’s editors selected my novels for their 40% off sale. If you have friends in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand (and increasingly in the United States), they probably have a Kobo reader. Beyond the borders of the United States, Kobo (not Amazon) is king of e-book sales.


So whether you have a Kobo reader or you have several friends who do, why not snap up To Live Forever and Hard to Die for 40% off? Both books are a bargain at only $3.99 each!

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What’s even better?

Kobo is partnering with Wal Mart to sell their e-readers in all United States stores, warehouses, and super centers. Starting in 2018, readers can buy the e-reader favored by most of the rest of the world AND buy books from a company that truly supports writers. Because Kobo is retaining their online sales system, Wal Mart won’t be able to institute the same tactics Amazon forces on creators.

As an author, I love working with Kobo.

So if you’re in the market for a new e-reader, why not give Kobo’s a try? Here’s a link to check out Kobo’s collection of e-readers.

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speaking at rotary club grateful

We need excuses to be grateful these days, because life is chaotic. The news is soul-sucking. Social media flogs us with a perpetual message of “You’re less than.” In the midst of an appearance blitzkrieg, I found something unexpected.

I’m grateful a listener told me how much my program matters.

Please savor his story. Take it to heart and make it yours.


At my Rotary meeting two weeks ago, I listened to a lady speak about being grateful. She is the CEO of a company called Grateful Box. She said a lot of things that really struck a cord with me, and I decided there were some things I needed to change in regards to my attitude of gratitude. I committed to implement a 365 day challenge, where each day over the next year I would tell one person that I am grateful for them and why.

Today, I choose you!

You spoke at my Rotary Club this morning in Indian Trail.  I purchased one of your books, but I never introduced myself because who I am doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that towards the end of your speech, past the stories of your plight with your father and the funny commentary of your experiences on the Trace, you made a comment that hit me square between the eyes.

You said, “be sure to turn your ‘I wish I had’s’ into your ‘I’m glad I did.”

I have never heard that phrase put together that way. I didn’t expect you to circle back around and connect those dots as you did.  You made a wonderful connection to the fact that your journey made you appreciate your father more; and it took an unusual circumstance for that to happen.

On your own, you likely would not have sat at your father’s feet to listen to another story. But because you had this mission, the only person that was free to help you achieve the goal was the only person you needed to spend this time with; and you didn’t even know it.  I would say that was a God thing.  Others may not, but I believe God allows everything to happen for a reason…even which speakers to come speak at a Rotary Club.

When I set out to accomplish this 365 day challenge, my initial thought was that I would select from the people I knew. After all, you can’t very well be grateful for someone you don’t really know.  But after you finished, my first thought was,

“She needs to be your person today.”

Ok, that was actually my second thought. My first thought was, “She is a character and there is NO WAY she is a CPA.” I too am an accountant, and I know the stereotype we carry. I would say 99.9% of the time it is true.  LOL!!

Andra, I am grateful that you took the time to come talk to us this morning about not just a book, but about making memories. I am grateful for the reminder that our phones and electronic devices are memory stealers. They often times keep us from enjoying the simple things in life. I am grateful that you were able to build a connection with your dad that will allow you to remember him in a positive way. And I am grateful that God used you to tell me to stop letting the frustrations of life govern how I live life. Time is fleeting. I wished I had done so many things that I cannot go back and do.

But each new day is an opportunity for me to create an “I’m glad I did” event that I will remember forever.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

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Amazon has done a lot to make author dreams come true. Until Amazon, rejected manuscripts moldered in drawers, unloved and never-read. They gave authors the power to share stories with the masses.

So what has Amazon changed?

In November 2016, Amazon made two key changes to their author business model:

  1. They changed the rules for carrying inventory of print books. Rather than stock a minimum number of a specific title in a warehouse, they shifted focus to third-party vendors with titles on hand. Plus, they gave third-party vendors the ability to bid for the “Buy Now” button. Users don’t pay attention to who they’re buying from. Amazon orders fewer books and lowers inventory carrying costs. Customers don’t know the difference.
  2. Authors must pay for advertising to be seen on Amazon. Before November 2016, Amazon routinely offered users “recommended for you” or “similar books” on the product page for a particular title. Authors garnered additional sales because their books were being recommended. Now, those same slots are available for purchase through Amazon Marketing Services. Don’t have the budget to pay for pay-per-click advertising? Then nobody will see your books.

How these changes impact readers and authors

Third-party vendors often carry books obtained for free. Whether gotten through a Goodreads contest or as an advance or donated copy, many third-party vendors list books for sale when they obtained them for free. Authors don’t make a royalty on copies given in exchange for a review, used books, or copies won in a contest. Yet, both third-party vendors and Amazon are able to profit from our work. Why this matters: Most authors don’t bring in enough money to exist at the poverty level. I made more money as a twenty-two year old accounting clerk than I do today. Readers who truly care about supporting good stories shaft everyone when they buy into this system. Don’t complain about the quality of books if you’re not diligent about supporting authors who matter to you.

Authors have no way to know how many AMS clicks are legitimate. Authors can pay AMS MORE than their earned royalties. You read that right. AMS delivers thousands of impressions per ad. They know who’s likely to click on ads. Therefore, they show ads to shoppers who click, whether or not they buy. Why this matters: Amazon has touted its 70% author royalty as generous. Why publish with a traditional publisher who pays pennies per unit when you can get 70%, right? With AMS, it’s no longer that simple. In fact, it’s more likely that an author will PAY AMS more than their royalties earned in a given period. Clever to make authors pay more than they earn for the chance to be read.

Don’t want to spend money with AMS? Or participate in Kindle Unlimited? Then nobody will see your titles. In 2017, my online sales fell 90%. No, that isn’t a typo. I killed myself to keep my books high enough to be offered to shoppers as frequent alternatives. Very often, readers chose to give them a try. That exposure didn’t cost me anything, and Amazon still made money. Thanks to AMS, 2017 was my worst year as an author. (To help me turn that around in 2018, CLICK HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE).

What YOU can do to support hard-working authors

  1. Opt out of Kindle Unlimited.
  2. If you want to keep your favorite authors writing, BUY their books.
  3. As a corollary to 2 above, request those same authors’ books at your local libraries.
  4. Recommend your favorite authors’ books to other readers in your life.
  5. Or better yet, GIFT electronic copies to others.
  6. Try to buy NEW books whenever possible. Remember: Authors make NOTHING from used/won/free copies of their work.
  7. Communicate with your favorite authors directly. Join their e-newsletter lists. Be an enthusiastic fan. Make sure these authors know you’re on their team…..because Amazon will NEVER tell them.

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