Three years ago, I walked the Natchez Trace Parkway…all 444 miles of it…over one million steps……..

But sometimes it’s fun to retrace our steps.

You can read more in this blog post about that time of my walk or you can read the whole story in Not Without My Father. Available NOW. Amazon/Nook/iTunes/Kobo/Audible.


A driven daughter. A gassy, nightmare father. Can they finish an epic walk of an ancient highway before they kill each other? If you like Bill Bryson, Cheryl Strayed and Elizabeth Gilbert, then you’ll love Andra Watkins’ New York Times bestselling memoir. 

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On my website and social media, I’ve been talking about my partial blindness and the condition that caused it. Yeah, it does suck to be launching a novel when I lack my usual bullheaded energy. I thought readers might like to actually see me and hear me say, “I’m okay.”

Behold, 5 Things That Suck About Launching a Book!

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Schedules are irrelevant in the face of waning time.

Schedules are irrelevant in the face of waning time. – Andra Watkins

Happy Fourth of July to my US readers! What are you doing to celebrate?


I’m floating the Edisto River with Alice and MTM…and alligators and snakes and other crazies. I’m hanging on the back porch with Dad and listening to him regale everyone with his stories. I’m eating BBQ in my swimsuit and singing America the Beautiful. I’m blasting fireworks in a graveyard at sunset, because the dead like to celebrate holidays, too.

I’ve been following the same Fourth schedule for a decade or more. Every year, I can’t believe it’s happening already. When my toes sink into Edisto River goo, I think I was there five minutes ago.

Why do schedules go faster and faster?

The mid-point of a year is a good time to reflect. What’s working for you in 2016? What isn’t? Did you start the year keen to make a memory, yet it still languishes on your list of good intentions?

One of Dad’s favorite phrases is “It’s your knitting.”

So get to knitting the memories of your dreams!

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