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It was a close one, Dear Reader. Quiet people drifted over here yesterday. To leave a comment for something free? Or to support an author’s new book?

In this community, I’d say the latter.

The winner of a signed copy of Jessie Bishop Powell’s The Marriage at the Rue Morgue is…….

rue morgue


Congratulations, Karen. I know where to send your prize. I hope you’ll read it and write a review.


Meriwether Lewis’s birthday month is coming up, and what a surprise………it’s the same as my dad’s. If you want to be ready to celebrate Merry’s birthday on August 14, I suggest you read To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis. Here’s a screen grab of the latest Amazon review, from a complete stranger I don’t know/am not related to/didn’t pay to write a review. Get your copy by clicking any link below.

latest review


A wedding. A monster-in-law. Two orangutans. And porn. Jessie Bishop Powell’s debut mystery The Marriage at the Rue Morgue doesn’t disappoint.

Even better?

It doesn’t follow the usual tricks of the genre. Readers have characters to care about, with real, page-turning development. Scientific details don’t lull the reader to sleep. Instead, they enhance the action. Even the details of planning a wedding are refreshing in Powell’s capable hands. I found myself fanning the book’s pages to rush to the surprising conclusion. While this book is classified as a cozy mystery, its twists and turns are anything but cozy or predictable.

And the writing.

Powell is adept at her craft. She describes without “describing.” Establishes relationships with the barest minimum of right words. The earth rumbled underneath me when something exploded. Monkey calls filtered through the gaps in my curtains, and fecal stench burned my nostrils.

Rue Morgue is a reading experience.

I enjoyed following Noel and Lance’s first adventure, and I hope we will see more.

Encourage your local library to carry The Marriage at the Rue Morgue. Jessie’s publisher focuses on libraries, and any library order will help her find an audience. In many markets, it’s as simple as completing an online form.

Don’t want to wait for your library to carry the book?

No problem.

I have an autographed copy of The Marriage at the Rue Morgue for one lucky reader. Simply leave a comment to qualify.