Book publicity is a bitch.

There. I said it.

For much of my writing journey, I’ve been my own publicist. From requesting interviews to pitching programs, making cut sheets to setting up at conferences, I’ve been responsible for every aspect of getting my books seen.

Today, I’m ecstatic to announce a new team member, my publicist Rebecca Powell.

She’s been on the Read Andra Watkins team for almost two months. When I’m willing to pry my claws from promotional tasks, she takes them and makes things happen. I’m looking forward to watching how her work transforms mine.

Would you like to book me for an event in your area?

If you have any connections, let Rebecca know. We’re working on my 2018 schedule. NOTHING is out-of-bounds.

Because I want to make it easy for you, here’s a short list of appearance ideas:

  • Corporate conferences and retreats – Resilience is a hot workplace topic. My program on resilience is entertaining, energetic, and thought-provoking. Once attendees leave, they’ll have new strategies for developing and maintaining resilience in their lives. And did I mention I’m affordable? Not cheap. Affordable.
  • Library programs – Do you have a library in your area? STORM THE LIBRARY. INSIST THEY BOOK ME FOR A PROGRAM. Librarians rely on patrons to suggest programs. When I provide a long list of thrilled librarian references, your librarian will kiss you for making his job easier.
  • Book clubs/reading groups – Suggest one of my books to your reading group, and invite me for a visit. If we coordinate the discussion around another event in your area, I’ll attend your meeting, sign your books, and answer any question you ask. And I’m always happy to visit with readers via Skype or FaceTime.
  • College clubs – Did you know I’ve spoken at the University of Washington in Seattle? At the University of South Carolina in Columbia? College students love being challenged to make memories while listening to a raunchy talk about sex. Seriously. Book me.
  • Civic clubs, museums and business organizations – Do you know the Acworth Georgia Business Association (300+ members) booked me to speak at their March 2018 meeting? Or an Atlanta-area Chamber of Commerce is considering me for their Womens’ Business Group? WHEN GROUPS PUT ME ON A STAGE, I ROCK THESE EVENTS. If you have a connection to any group, please reach out. Let’s get something on the 2018 calendar.