Facebook is at it again. They’ve changed their platform in a major way. This time, I THINK IT’S A GOOD THING.

For the past 18 months or so, Facebook’s algorithm has decided what you see in your newsfeed for both personal profiles and pages. In the past couple of weeks, they’ve changed the system.

You can now control what you see on Facebook.
EVERYTHING you see on Facebook.

Aren’t happy that you weren’t seeing your favorite pages without interacting all the time? You can now tell Facebook you want to see those pages, and they’ll actually show them to you.

Wonder why you never see anyone you care about in your newsfeed? You can now tell Facebook you want to see those people first, and they’ll actually show them first in your newsfeed.

Here’s how to do it:


1. Go to the personal profile you want to see.
2. Scroll to the “Following” tab (which is shown as “See First” in the screen shot below.)
3. Toggle the profile to See First.
4. You’re done. Facebook will show you the selected profiles at the top of your newsfeed.




1. Go to the Facebook Page you want to see. (Here’s a direct link to mine: https://www.facebook.com/andrawatkinsauthor)
2. Scroll to the “Like” tab
3. Toggle the page to See First.
4. You’re done. Facebook will show you the selected pages at the top of your newsfeed.

5. PLEASE MAKE MY PAGE ONE YOU WANT TO SEE FIRST. What’s in it for you? I’m doing some special giveaways to Facebook commenters in the coming months. I want everyone here to have an opportunity to win swag.



If you learned something today that will help you better connect with the people you care about, I hope you’ll share it with them. I installed a very visible share bar on the lefthand side of my site. You can click any block to share these instructions with anyone in your life, and help them see you in a more meaningful way.

It’s no secret that I deplore Facebook. I use it because I must. Therefore, I am diligent in trying to understand how Facebook works. As a result, I deleted the Facebook mobile app from my iPhone more than a year ago.

If you are still using the Facebook mobile app on your smartphone or other mobile device, you really, REALLY need to read this article by Nick Russo. Drop EVERYTHING you’re doing and READ IT.

I’ll wait.


We may live in a world with no privacy, but Facebook’s coming changes to its Messenger app are an obscene violation of your privacy. If you don’t want Facebook to farm every aspect of your life (record every phone call you make, log every place you go, know everyone you talk with AND WHAT YOU TALK ABOUT), I urge you to consider deleting the Facebook app from your mobile devices before the new Facebook Messenger goes into effect.

Facebook Messenger will be a MANDATORY part of the Facebook phone app, but Russo’s response article is just as poignant: What we load onto our phones invades our lives. Think about that before you click ‘DOWNLOAD’ on the next shiny new app.


Facebook is always on your desktop. Isn’t what you give them there enough?

Yes. I know that title’s taken. But, the ever-changing landscape of social media ALWAYS makes me feel like a dummy…….AND I KEEP UP WITH IT. I can’t imagine what it must be like for people who don’t, yet still rely on it for everything. I was at an event yesterday morning, and I asked a Facebook connection a question, and her first response was, “Didn’t you see what I posted on Facebook?”


I don’t get to decide what I care about anymore.

It isn’t that I think Facebook is the Internet Anti-Christ. (Though I do think that.) I’m forced to spend more time there than I used to. Because most of my blog subscribers use and rely on Facebook for everything (to maintain news about friends and relations; to announce big events; to let everyone know you’re having a bad day; or a good day; to relay various important things that are going on in your life), please read this announcement about Facebook:



What does this mean for you as a person?

As a Facebook user, that means you cannot rely on Facebook to keep up with people you care about. In spite of the fact that I’ve created lists of the people I want to see, I never, ever see those people in my newsfeed. Facebook merely knows what ads to show me because I was stupid enough to tell them which people I most care about.

Do not use Facebook to make important announcements or rely on it as your sole means of relaying key information about happenings in your life. (Granddad just died. My sister has cancer. I just lost my job. It’s a girl! Etc.) I know most of you are smart people and will likely go, “Duh. Who does that?” Answer: LOTS OF PEOPLE DO THAT (and get upset when nobody cares, when really, nobody saw it.)

If you care about seeing specific content in your newsfeed, you need to interact with it when Facebook deems to show it to you. Click Like. Click through to read the article. Make a comment. Not every time you see it. But sometimes. Interact somehow, because Facebook just announced that they’re no longer going to show you content YOU’VE SAID YOU WANT TO SEE in your newsfeed UNLESS YOU INTERACT WITH IT.

Along with this ‘we know better than you what you like’ mentality, Facebook also announced that they’re going to start showing you content from sites who are paying for Facebook to continue to exist EVEN IF YOU HAVEN’T LIKED THEM. Maybe that won’t be all bad, because you may see some things you actually like. But, they’re well on the way to censoring your newsfeed to suit them REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU DO.

And, they can do that, because it’s their platform.

I’d think about that, long and hard, before I made casual posts on Facebook from this point forward.

What does this mean for you as a blogger/business?

You’re going to PAY, or nobody is going to see anything you SAY. Wonder why clicks to your blog from Facebook are dropping when your content hasn’t changed? Because you aren’t paying to promote each post to people who’ve already said they want to see it. (And why the HELL would you do that, unless you’re making money from your blog?????)

Furthermore, Facebook told brands in December (yes, blogger/non-profit/random person who has a page, you are a brand) that if they didn’t buy separate advertising on their platform, eventually no one would see what they posted, regardless of how many people shared, interacted, liked or otherwise took an action on their content.

Do with this information what you will. My hope is that you will be a little less frustrated that your good, engaging content may not be reaching the audience it did 6 – 12 months ago.

I’m connected to people who are way more conversant on this topic than me, and I welcome your additional insights in today’s comments. Please pardon my lengthy (but I hope helpful) post. Kinda all makes me want to tell Facebook…….

facebook fu


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