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A Mother of a Snowball

Growing up in South Carolina, I probably saw snow a handful of times in my formative years, always a wet, slushy mess. On my fourteenth birthday, it snowed several inches. I remember getting out and playing in it with my then-boyfriend.

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Everything’s Bigger When You Are Little

"I found some of the old Christmas stockings you kids remember those flat felt ones?"

JMM (my mom) visited us last week, or at least came to see Andra's Christmas decorations.

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In the Midnight Hour, She Cried More, More, More

The midnight hour. Usually, I'm awake. Reading. Or.............something.

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Blinded By the White 2

It's happening again. I'm having that insidious, looping bad dream. I am blind. Instead of murky pitch, my vision is scrubbed of color. Tones recede until they become intelligible needles at the edges of my sight lines, twinkling a last gasp of varied hues before falling into blankness.

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Never Let Me Down Again Redux II

People let us down. I've let people down. It's a predictable cycle. Most people do their best, but we never know what others may expect from what they give us.

It's best to expect nothing.

Except from myself

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