Friday, my very first piece of global snark will debut on one of the biggest niche websites in America. Which one, you ask?

Tune in Friday.

Today, I want to hear from you.

How satisfied are you with your social media experiences?
Do you feel more/less connected than two years ago?
How often do you get together with friends who occupy the same geography?


These questions relate to Friday’s story, but I’d love to read your thoughts today.

And before you read Friday’s piece, I’m issuing a disclaimer:

I did not write Friday’s story with anyone in mind.

I did not pen it to be hateful,
to embarrass anyone,
to be passive aggressive
or to make anyone I know feel

In fact, I hope a few people will
relate and maybe find it funny.

I’ll come back to this post Friday and provide a link to the piece with instructions for sharing. I’ll also pound out a quick Friday post with the same information.

good news andra watkins

I promised more good news, Dear Reader. Because writers spend typical days like this:

  1. Wake up.
  2. Mainline industrial shots of caffeine.
  3. Jump off cliff.
  4. Hear no in response to every request. (No, you can’t have an event at our shop, because no one knows who you are, and therefore nobody will come. No, we only work with authors represented by big publishers. No, you really thought we’d even consider this request for an interview? Seriously? No, your book isn’t any more special than anyone else’s. No, we won’t even give you the opportunity to give your book away for free. No. No. No. No. NO.)
  5. Peel splatted soul from the base of the cliff.
  6. Carry broken limbs and shredded hide back to the top on vertigo-inducing trail.
  7. Sleep to prepare for the next round of no.

I don’t hear the word YES much, but I believe the path to YES lies in the superhuman ability to process the word NO.

A big YES officially confirmed last week.

On September 24, 2015,
I will be the featured author
in the main branch of the
San Diego Public Library.

They’re paying me to give my Make a Memory presentation to their patrons.

You read that right.

The main branch library of the 8th largest city in the United States booked me for a huge author event. Do they care that nobody’s heard of me? Nope. In fact, they want to help. They’re selecting Not Without My Father as a featured read, AND they’re interviewing me for their patron newsletter.

Because it always helps when my books
are recommended by outlets
readers trust.

I hope this event will open the doors of libraries across the country, because it would take me weeks to list the ones who’ve told me NO. It’s understandable. They have finite programming budgets, and they want to offer events that will draw more people through their doors.

The San Diego Public Library
took a chance on me.

And I’ll be forever grateful, wherever this crazy journey leads.


If you have friends, relations, colleagues or enemies in the San Diego area, I hope you’ll share my upcoming event and encourage them to join me. You can find it HERE.

If they haven’t read my books, pique their interest with a link to my book page HERE.

I promised some good news, Dear Reader. The life of an author is lots and lots and LOTS of no. Especially when the author is bullheaded.

Like me.

It takes doggedness to get people to say yes, and those yeses are the building blocks of good news. I’ve always wanted to see my name listed with a famous author or several. We nobodies dream of rubbing shoulders with somebodies, because maybe their writing juju will rub off on us.

Last week, Humanities Tennessee invited me to be a featured author at the 2015 Southern Festival of Books in Nashville. Along with the likes of these people. Right here.

good news southern festival of books

The Southern Festival of Books is one of the oldest author-to-reader book events in the country. It isn’t the first time I applied to a festival and was ignored or told no. I submitted Not Without My Father to several such events this year.

But to be invited to one of the longest-running book festivals in the United States? And see my name listed with sensations like Rebecca Wells and Scott Westerfeld?


If you’re anywhere near Nashville on October 9 – 11, 2015.

If you’re looking for an excuse to be there.

Come see whether I can hold my stuff together
with the Big Dawgs.

Because I think I’ll embarrass myself every time I turn around and bump into another writing idol.


This good news is only the beginning……………I have more………….stay tuned.