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When Fiction Becomes Reality

I don't write much fiction on my blog. People want short. People want precise. People want to come here and find something to which they can relate. And, did I mention they want all that in the first sentence?

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Lo, Here’s a Place of Rest?

Wind whooshes through my lungs as my weak legs carry me. Through a snarl that was once a field. Down an embankment. My boots sink into mud along the rim of the Mississippi. The sucking sound doesn't diminish her shrieks.

Twelve times you've failed me! Don't fail me again, or your soul will rot in the realm of the Forgotten!

I feel her breathe on the back of my neck, and I quicken my pace. Around the next bend, I used to keep a launch. Hidden, for when I wanted to carouse with my men. I tear through vines by the light of morning-pink sky, her specter a hex. A curse.

She is a harridan, my wife.

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Life’s Full of Pain

A rotted face bursts through dirt, and she hisses through broken teeth.

You promised to find me. When I was dying.

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You’ll Find But Few Obtain Such an Age

My world changes with the slam of a door. Soupy heat sizzles through me as I run, propelled by the force of her will.

Find me.

Branches sting my face. Thorns scissor through my flesh. I taste my own blood and realize I am Here, among the Living.

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Reflect How Soon You’ll Quit this Stage

It's a bitch, waking up from the dead. Bright lights burn that last breath of life on the pathways of the brain. The images replay along the sides of a tunnel, the Great Wormhole from There to Here.

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