struggle for what you believe in

Struggle as hard as you can for whatever you believe in. ~ from fortune cookie


Today’s fortune is poignant because it wasn’t mine.

MTM texted this photo to me on the first day of my Natchez Trace walk. HIS fortune. HIS cookie.

He considered it a sign. A blessing, even. An exclamation point in my journey to claw my way toward what I believe. My husband would say his belief in me is unwavering, but few people know how he struggles as hard as he can for who he believes in. How mightily he fights for me.

MTM never works less than sixty hours a week. Every weekend, he’s answering messages and fielding phone calls. Most weeknights, he’s in meetings until late. He shoulders our household and makes it possible for me to write without any guarantee of my own paycheck.

Whenever I want to quit, he tells me why I should believe. Every time I see the dark side, he shines a light. Tough love? He’s sensitive as he gives me unvarnished critique. He puts up with my road trips. He listens to me describe inane character details. He holds me when I cry from both frustration and the pain of rejection.

If MTM didn’t believe in me, I would’ve quit long ago. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I believe in my dreams because he does. Because I can’t help it. Because I know my struggle will make them live.

Do you believe in fortune cookies, Dear Reader? Are you like me, hoarding an envelope of  fortunes you hope will someday come true?


Photograph Credit: Andra Watkins

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