MTM Me and Kellie
Kellie Rasberry is the most famous person I know, a personality on the nationally syndicated Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show. Even though we grew up in the same church, graduated from the same Christian school, and have degrees from the same *cough* university, I still don’t know her well. But, we do have a shared history of sorts, enough for me to cheer for the success she has found in her life.

Kellie agreed to have dinner with MTM and me while we were in Dallas. I think she was charmed by MTM, but, what girl wouldn’t be? On the other hand, I think I spent far too much time worrying about being genuine and probably just came across as stiff and fake. I guess that’s because I always looked up to Kellie when I was growing up. Being the same age as her younger brother made me automatically uncool, and that’s perfectly understandable.

Kellie was more accepting than I was. She did invite me to a party when I was in ninth grade. I remember being giddy because I was included with that group, because a boy I had a desperate crush on was going to be there.

And, that boy talked to me the whole time. Kellie’s party turned me into a boy charmer, infusing a confidence in me that I didn’t have on my own back then. Or, maybe her invitation did that for me. Either way, the boy in question was riveted by me, and I was ceaselessly grateful to her.

At some point, everyone cleared out of the house and ran into the woods with paper bags in tow. I started to follow on something called a ‘snipe hunt,’ thinking it would be another fun Kellie activity that I needed to know about because she thought it was cool. I stood at the edge of the woods, hearing catcalls and laughter and screaming, missing out on all the fun. I turned to that boy and begged him to take me snipe hunting, too.

Whatever it was.

He smiled and said, “Andra, they’re just using the snipe hunting thing as an excuse to go into the woods and make out.”


And, just like that, my evening was ruined. Why didn’t the boy want to take me ‘snipe hunting?’ Was I somehow not ‘snipe’ material? Not ‘snipe worthy?’

I know someone who is ‘snipe worthy,’ and that person is Kellie. She is a strong woman who can hold her own with anyone, and that means weak, pathetic dudes need not apply. Or dudes who are selfish. Or dudes who can’t handle being in her aura. (And, I realize that excludes a lot of dudes. But still.)

If you are a guy who is sure of who he is; who can hold his own in a conversation; who possesses quiet strength; and who knows how to have a blast in all forms of public places, go up to Kellie the next time you see her and ask her to go snipe hunting.

She just might say yes. After all, it’s the deep guys who get my blog. *Wink. Wink.*

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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