mtms packageI get tired of MTM’s package. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I like to unwrap things as much as the next girl……even when I know what’s inside.

Especially when I know what’s inside.

I don’t like surprises.

But MTM and his package…… do I type this? MTM’s package is the never-ending gift. It’s everywhere.

Our guest bedroom.

All over our office.

The living room.

I’ve forbidden MTM’s package in the bedroom. A girl has to draw the line somewhere.

I can’t go to our storage unit because of MTM’s blasted package. It even haunts me when I open the mailbox and retrieve our mail.

MTM’s package!


He spends hours staring at screens. Talking to shifty characters about their packages. Even paying mysterious amounts of money for access to their packages.

What’s in MTM’s package, Dear Reader?


I left it in the refrigerator.

On the carton of eggs.

A post-it note message to my man.

For him to find.


Today is a special anniversary for MTM and me.

No, it isn’t the anniversary of the first time we had sex.

He said hello to me twelve years ago today.

I smiled and said hi.


I’ve been leaving him notes around the house. Hiding cards under his pillow. Finding new ways to try to thank him, after all this time, for altering the course of my Life.


He made fun of this effort. Sort of.

Tell me, Dear Reader………..because I suck at drawing………..does my little picture look like fire? Because MTM didn’t know what it was. Even with HOTTEST in ALL CAPS.

hottest man ever


Thank you for saying hello, my Dear MTM.


Beaches are scented with the dawn of Time. I stood on a thin line between land and drowning. Mermaid foam licked my toes. Ageless voices thundered in waves.

I only heard one voice.


When you said hello.

And I smiled a hi.

Water oozed through sand. It softened my heart.

Does a foolish man build his house upon sand?

I staked my claim along the whimsy of the in between. Not land. Or water. A place where I could hear you. Even if it meant parting waves. Exploring forgotten places buried under rocks and seaweed. I held my breath until fireworks rocketed behind my eyes.

Did I die to find you? Isn’t that what we do, when we merge ourselves into another?

To many more decades and whatever comes beyond. I love you, MTM.


Pictures from Mystery Bay. Because it’s a mystery: Andra Watkins Tumblr