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I promised more good news, Dear Reader. Because writers spend typical days like this:

  1. Wake up.
  2. Mainline industrial shots of caffeine.
  3. Jump off cliff.
  4. Hear no in response to every request. (No, you can’t have an event at our shop, because no one knows who you are, and therefore nobody will come. No, we only work with authors represented by big publishers. No, you really thought we’d even consider this request for an interview? Seriously? No, your book isn’t any more special than anyone else’s. No, we won’t even give you the opportunity to give your book away for free. No. No. No. No. NO.)
  5. Peel splatted soul from the base of the cliff.
  6. Carry broken limbs and shredded hide back to the top on vertigo-inducing trail.
  7. Sleep to prepare for the next round of no.

I don’t hear the word YES much, but I believe the path to YES lies in the superhuman ability to process the word NO.

A big YES officially confirmed last week.

On September 24, 2015,
I will be the featured author
in the main branch of the
San Diego Public Library.

They’re paying me to give my Make a Memory presentation to their patrons.

You read that right.

The main branch library of the 8th largest city in the United States booked me for a huge author event. Do they care that nobody’s heard of me? Nope. In fact, they want to help. They’re selecting Not Without My Father as a featured read, AND they’re interviewing me for their patron newsletter.

Because it always helps when my books
are recommended by outlets
readers trust.

I hope this event will open the doors of libraries across the country, because it would take me weeks to list the ones who’ve told me NO. It’s understandable. They have finite programming budgets, and they want to offer events that will draw more people through their doors.

The San Diego Public Library
took a chance on me.

And I’ll be forever grateful, wherever this crazy journey leads.


If you have friends, relations, colleagues or enemies in the San Diego area, I hope you’ll share my upcoming event and encourage them to join me. You can find it HERE.

If they haven’t read my books, pique their interest with a link to my book page HERE.

a slip of the lit

Lizzi Rogers is outstanding. Be it as a writer, a poet (which I put in another category because, dang, I can’t do it), a cheerleader for other writers or a friend. I hope you’ll follow the link below and check out Lizzi’s generous interview with someone you know.

Hint: It’s me, probably sharing a couple of things you don’t know about me.

Hint 2: Like I’ve got a sequel to To Live Forever. And an actual publication date.

Hope to see you at today’s A Slip of the Lit HERE.


Have you ever made plans, only to see them fall through?

Yeah. Me too.

I’m supposed to be in Italy right now. Because after a stressful Spring, what’s better than guzzling—I mean SIPPING wine under the Tuscan sun? Only I’m NOT in Italy, because LIFE. Instead, I’m stuck in my house.

I know. Nobody feels sorry for me.

Shitty circumstances stripped me of my dreamy Italian getaway and handed me……….a blank holiday weekend. No appointments. No events. No plans. Nowhere I had to be.

When was the last time
YOU had absolutely nothing
on your weekend calendar?

Here’s how I made the best of absolutely nothing:

  1. I read. I turned off the computer, silenced my phone and curled up in bed. One book helped me recall who I used to be: A woman who loves to explore the world through a good book, without feeling guilty that I *should* be doing something else.
  2. I sat outside in the sun. We found a quiet corner table overlooking the marsh. Over food that was too fiery and drinks that weren’t quite cold, we held hands, eschewed sunblock and just talked. About everything. About nothing.
  3. I spent unexpected time with friends. Life is too busy to see anyone these days. When we dropped by a friend’s house for a few minutes, we found ourselves on their back porch for hours. Watching the sunset. Sipping scotch. Catching up with people we wish we saw more often.
  4. I played cards. I shuffled. MTM cut. I dealt hand after hand while we played footsie under the table. No screens. Phones I-don’t-know-where. We indulged in an old fashioned game of chance. I won’t reveal what I won. *wink*
  5. I napped. A mid-afternoon snooze is the most decadent thing on earth. Before screens conquered the world, I used to worship at the Altar of Napping almost every afternoon, and I came back to work refreshed and uber-productive. I’m glad a cancelled trip reminded me that naps help my brain to fire.



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