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Meet Me at Catskill’s Magpie Bookshop This Saturday, October 18

If you or someone you know is in New York State's Hudson River Valley, please support Magpie Bookshop in Catskill. I'll be at Magpie this Saturday, October 18, from 2 - 3:30pm. Kristi Gibson, the owner, is even setting up a sheet so that I can show my Natchez Trace walk photos on a wall. We'll have wine and nibbles, and I'll give an unvarnished account of my Natchez Trace walk. (Because the blog posts were heavily varnished, people.)

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Rocket Man

Does your family show affection in bizarre ways? My dead grandmother showed her adoration by cracking my toes, usually when I napped on the sofa or was stupid enough to leave a foot on top of the sheet. One of my aunts whispered "I love you" by hacking into my self-esteem, because she didn't want me to become cocky, my ego unmanageable.

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Like Selling Suspenders to a Belt Salesman

"Roy, why are you wearing those pants? Those are the worst pair of pants you own. Why don't you—"

"Mom, just stop. He's probably using them as his trial pair. WHEN HE MESSES THESE

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To be continued the next day. On Mother's Day.

My mother is steadfast. She pulled my father off the toilet in Collinwood, Tennessee, while I cowered behind the bed. "My feet hurt too much for this," was my excuse. Almost four hundred miles of walking. Day after day.

I thought I earned the right to avoid the sight of my father's manhood.

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The Journey to Charleston Contest Winner Is……..

I'm happy. And I'm sad. We have a winner in the To Live Forever Journey to Charleston Contest, and I am tickled beyond description.

I'm just sad everyone couldn't win.

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