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The Northeast isn’t the only victim of Snowmaggedon.



You drive 10 hours. The last two in sleet.

You arrive at your destination, and because you’re hyperactive in the presence of friends…..

You forego bed in favor of talking. And TALKING.

You drive one hour each way for four appearances in 72 hours. Everyone expects you to be fresh. Happy to see them. On fire.

You drink two margaritas and nail it.

You give a newspaper interview in the car and hope the reporter can’t hear the engine running….or the unexpected blast of “Black Widow” from a passing vehicle. It rocks your ride sideways.

You drive the entire Natchez Trace in the equivalent of two days. You take an unscheduled event and sell one book. You call on everyone with a connection to said book and convince them to read and sign it, because really, you’re psyched to see familiar faces from months ago.

But no matter your harried-ness. You’re in NOLA. They’ll laissez les bon temp rouler, right?


You sell a total of seven books in the state of Louisiana, further thrown in the hole by breaking the car windshield on a drive through a storm.

You’ve lost count of how many hours you’ve been in the car.

But, hey……you have a king cake in the back seat. Surely it will keep you company for the two-plus hours to Jackson, the three hours to Cleveland, Mississippi, the three hours back and the eleven hours home. After all, you sold sixteen books in Cleveland. (Thank you, Miss Virginia at Cotton Row Bookstore.)

But you’ve arrived, right? Because a national outlet reviewed your book!!!

You check your stats and realize just how little one major endorsement drives sales. Authors basically need one major endorsement every four hours to sell enough books to make a living.

Or maybe every two hours.

Or every hour.

You’ve lost track, because you’re blotto.

And you’re gearing up to do it again. Next week!

The life of a writer. It isn’t glamorous. You’re begging everyone to promote you, purchase your books and mention you. And you feel like a freaking prostitute. A depleted one. Who’s driven hard for two weeks straight.

Who thinks she’ll never stop pushing the snowball up the hill.

But I won’t quit.


Several big things are percolating for Not Without My Father. Not one an hour, but several. In the meantime, please continue to like and share the HuffPo review, because the editors select books to feature in lists based upon traffic. More likes and shares = more consideration for additional recommended reading lists.

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blue bicycle booksAndra will be at Charleston’s Blue Bicycle Books on Tuesday, Feburary 3 from 5 – 7pm. Come out and enjoy food, beverages and conversation with South Carolinians in Not Without My Father: One Woman’s 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace. Meet Andra’s Dad and Mom. Be inspired to Make a Memory.

***Note*** We’re still tinkering with some site issues. If you received an email without event details below, please know we’re still working to resolve the problem.

Andra at Blue Bicycle Books

Blue Bicycle Books, 420 King Street, Charleston, South Carolina
Feb 3, 2015, 5:00 pm-7:00 pm

blue bicycle booksJoin Andra for the official Charleston launch of Not Without My Father: One Woman’s 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace.

And celebrate very special guests who appear in the book:

Alice Guess, Andra’s week one wingman and Dad-wrangler
Michael T Maher, Andra’s long suffering husband


Andra’s mother and father, Linda and Roy Watkins.

Meet people who appear in Andra’s memoir. Get everyone to sign your copies. Be inspired to Make a Memory.

For more information, visit the Blue Bicycle Books website HERE.




The Not Without My Father Launch Party is history. Thank you to everyone who came out to Nashville’s Parnassus Books. The crowd bought their entire order. We had to find more books in the car. I even sold a novel or two. Dad charmed everyone.

Please enjoy some pictures from Launch Day. It’s midnight, and I’m about to drop.

Tori Nelson Young seeing me off for a whirlwind day. I love her.

Tori Nelson Young seeing me off for a whirlwind day. I love her.


There's my book! With all those other books!

There’s my book! With all those other books!


Andra Watkins, Parnassus Books

This book will be THIS BIG!

Andra Watkins, Parnassus Books

Circle from left: Misty Montgomery of Creekview Farm, Linda Watkins (Andra’s Mom), Cindy Duryea and Andra

Parnassus Books

Thomas Young. He signed books, too!

Andra Watkins, Parnassus Books

Roy Watkins, the father Andra can’t be without, with Andra and Linda Watkins, her mother

Parnassus Books

Randy Fought of Natchez Trace Travel with his wife Patty and Roy Watkins

Andra Watkins, Parnassus Books

Andra signing more books