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Where Everyone Can’t Be a Winner

christmas decoration, christmas decorations, christmas ornament, christmas ornaments, literary suspense novel, literary suspense fiction, literary southern gothic suspense novel, literary southern gothic suspense fictionI wish everyone could win my Cootchie Contests, because yesterday’s commenters gave me lots of belly laughs. Your company brightened a hectic day.

We have two categories of winner: those who got really close to the mark without looking around online for the answer, and those who found the item online with the magic of Google. Because this item is a rather obscure architectural doo-dad produced and sold primarily in Japan, finding it on Google deserves some reward.

The winners who got close to the mark:

  1. Fiona (aka Speccy) 
  2. Ted Strutz

The winners who Googled:

  1. Kenneth Andrews
  2. Carnell

The item is from a Japanese series of architectural model accessories. Click here for a link, generously provided yesterday by Carnell. The whole site is worth a look. The dinosaur series is quite funny to me for some reason.

Now, for my conundrum. I only have two of the antlered ladies to give away. For the other winners, I have a lovely wood cut Finnish snowflake ornament.

Dear Readers, please help me assign the, um, booty. Who should get the antlered lady? The snowflake? Please help me decide by weighing in with your choice recipients in a comment.

And, for the winners, please message me with your mailing address so that I may get these out to you. I will mail them during the first week of the new year, and may they bring luck for all of 2013.

This post is part of the series Roll Out the Holly, about the stories Christmas ornaments can conjure. Click here to read the series from the beginning.


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