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Doing What I Don’t Want To Do

Right now, life for me is a series of wait-and-see. Hurry-up-and-stop. Sit on my hands to keep from chewing my nails.

You get the idea.

My novel-in-progress is out with my A readers, and I’m at loose ends. It’s hard to give up a child for two weeks without wondering how she’s faring. Especially when one knows that child is far from perfect. I still have at least one more revision before giving it to my editor in January, but new eyes help my eyes work better.

So, I’ve spent this week doing all sorts of things I put off. Because the things I procrastinate tend to have to do with technology, I have been on a slow descent into hell. A sample, and you may laugh AT me, because there’s no laughing WITH me:

  1. Updating my contacts. Now, this may sound like an easy project, but this is ME. I never, ever, EVER update my contacts. EVER. Gmail saves email addresses and lets me just enter the first few characters for a reason, right? Thousands upon thousands of email addresses, and only a milli-fraction assigned to a contact.
  2. Aaaaaaaaand, since I’m already screaming, I decided to merge all of my ancillary contacts from other networks. I’m tired of services like Facebook changing the rules on me, and I want to have a master contact list that I control. At least, I THINK I still want that. I’m only about a tenth of the way through my friend list. By the time I’m done, I may have transmogrified into a volcanic eruption.
  3. But hey, I already have hundreds and hundreds of pretty contacts.
  4. AND I REALLY DON’T GIVE A #%$^#&@*#&$%^ ABOUT THAT.
  5. But, I know I should…….
  6. So, I decided to pile it on even thicker and upgraded my iPhone this week. I even read the freaking instruction manual word-for-word before I turned the thing on…….AND IT ARRIVED WITHOUT A FREAKING SIM CARD INSTALLED.
  7. While I was cursing Verizon and Apple and all tech people period, MTM suggested that, since I was plugging my iPhone in for the first time in two years, I might as well upload my thousands of photos to Flickr. If anyone wants to see how that’s going, click here.

Will anyone declare it Sippy Time? Is it Five O’Clock somewhere? Have I finally learned my lesson that keeping up with this stuff a little at a time beats days-long bouts of torture??????

Procrastination Bit Me

And, I’m sitting here at my desk in the inky black hole of darkness trying desperately to complete my continuing education before the stroke of midnight on Friday.

Of course, I could’ve done this months ago. Because I didn’t, the video stream is not working properly. My printer is out of ink and can’t print the questions for me to review to understand the coursework. The program has now crashed three times in succession. I decided to wing it, and have failed the test two out of my allowed three tries. If I fail it again, I have to spend money to buy another module and try something else. All before the stroke of midnight on Friday.

In the interim, I have to go out of town tomorrow and Friday, and my access to computers and streaming videos and buying other continuing education if I can’t get this one to work will be severely limited. Again, it’s my fault. I know.

This blog post is being chronicled now, in the midst of my being ready to scream at everything and everyone, so that I will hopefully return to it when I purchase these blasted continuing education credits in 2011 and tell myself to go complete them RIGHT THEN AND THERE. I hope I will remember how much I deplore the nasally drone of the presenter who says four million words to get to the four I need to answer a question on his stupid test. I hope I will recall how tired I am right now. I hope how scheduled my time gets during this week of every year will be bored into my puny, procrastinating brain.

I won’t say I will never do this again. But I hope my putting it out here will give me a darn good reason why I shouldn’t.


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