No, not Indiana Jones (though I’d take him.) Gift indie books by indie authors and help talented people find an audience for their work.

My suggestions:

Pamela Beckford – If you’re looking for great books of poetry, look no further than Pamela’s work. She has three anthologies available at Amazon, all excellent collections you’ll be proud to give and only 99 cents per downlonad. Check them out HERE.

Katie Sullivan – Know someone who loves all things Irish? Katie Sullivan’s Changelings: Into the Mist will be the perfect gift. It’s available in e-book ($3.99) and paperback (under $14) HERE.

Helena Hann-Basquiat – One of the most prolific writers around, Helena pens her memoirs as herself and writes deliciously creepy stories as Jessica B. Bell. Numerous options abound with her work. Purchase them HERE.

John Howell’s My Grl drips with suspense. For the thriller/spy/suspense lovers on your list, his book is a go-to masterpiece. Get it in paperback or electronic format HERE.

Lisa A. Kramer’s debut novel P.O.W.ER is a must-give for the girls and women on your shopping list. It’s feminism done right. Purchase it in paperback or e-version HERE.

Cameron Garriepy’s Amazon page is packed with options for readers who crave a good love story. Stuff their stockings with her words HERE.

For music lovers, Lance Burson’s works are a must. Give reads that get your loved ones rocking HERE.

Jessie Bishop Powell crafts dark, entertaining stories that turn pages. Delight someone with a gift of her words HERE.

Elizabeth Yon’s short stories are bone-chilling masterpieces. For the reader who loves to stay up late after a good read, check out her offerings HERE.

Your purchases help indie authors find new readers. Please consider these worthy authors for your holiday shopping needs.

You know you want to show your friends you’re part of the in-crowd. Whether you’re an advance reader or launch day buyer, everyone can get into the Not Without My Father: One Woman’s 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace Make a Memory spirit RIGHT NOW.

The book’s chapter titles are songs, and together, I hope they make a rocking playlist of road music. I’ve created the entire Not Without My Father playlist on iTunes. Buy the whole thing. Pick-and-choose.

Either option is a great way to get in the mood for the book, to remember the parts that spoke to you, and to brainstorm Making a Memory with someone in your life.

Check out the partial list above and preview the playlist by heading to iTunes HERE.


In case you’re wondering why I haven’t posted, I’ve been making love to Yankees.

Nine times in four days, the people of the great state of Massachusetts welcomed me into their homes. Their communities. Their groups. And their shops. I wore myself out spewing my Southern drawl, but they never told me to shut up or asked me to talk normal. 🙂

Thanks to Lisa Kramer for hosting me for three nights, and to Nathan and Sarah for being patient while she rode all over the state with me.

Tatnuck Bookseller and New England Mobile Book Fair, you were brave to have me in your establishments.

Cam Garriepy, thanks for dinner.

To the ladies of The Book Club!, thanks for letting me crash your discussion of my book. I loved meeting all of you.

Framingham, Concord, Bedford and Boston welcomed this fellow Rotarian with the common language of Rotary. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you again.

Marj Burgard and The Village at Duxbury, not only did you turn out en force, but you bought books, fed me dinner AND fascinated me with your stories.

Deb Kramer, thank you for putting me up on my last night.

Ye Olde Foole, I loved meeting you and Becca.

Mr Brickhouse, you dragged me all over Amherst and didn’t laugh when I prostrated myself at Emily Dickinson’s grave.

Brickhouse Chick, thank you for inviting a dozen of your friends over and stuffing them with dessert. Sugar always makes people say yes to a good story. I loved meeting you and spending a night in your guest room.

I returned to Charleston awash in Yankee hospitality. Humbled. Exhausted but full. Ready to return in March. With at least three events already booked for Not Without My Father, I’m sure I can cram in at least twenty more in a week-long visit.

Please forgive me for not being here. When it came time to decide to pay attention to the people in front of me or spend time online, I chose the people in front of me. I reveled in stories ranging from Texas to China. Of miracle adoptions. Of impossible feats of strength. For a few days, I experienced the brogue of Boston. The beginnings of Fall color. A chill that heralds Winter.

I loved every minute.

To see pictures from my book tour of Massachusetts, please follow the links below:

MA Appearances Tumblr

Concord MA Tumblr

Amherst MA Tumblr