Get ready to read I Am Number 13, the third installment in my Nowhere series! Coming November 13, 2018! Hardcover. Paperback. Kindle. Nook. iTunes. Kobo.

This novel uses history to teach about today. Everyone could learn something from this story. I sincerely hope Emmaline treats immigrant refugees the way we all should: like human beings with beating hearts.

About I Am Number 13:

When Emmaline Cagney’s father dies on her graduation day, she foregoes college and heads to Honduras to volunteer with Nicaraguan refugees. It’s 1986. The Sandinista-Contra war rages in the jungles all around her. But when General James Wilkinson reenters her life during a hurricane, can she trust him? Or should she flee?

Because of his unsolved death, Wilkinson is stuck in an in-between world called Nowhere, a place he’s always used for his evil designs. Will he stick to his mission to help the Contras? Or will he ditch his mission to finally possess Emmaline?

As they fight to keep refugees safe and American involvement with the Contras secret from Congress, Em and Wilkinson careen toward a showdown that outstrips space and time, a place where nothing she knew about herself is true. And Em must confront the one person she never wanted to see again: her craven mother. Will Emmaline outwit the two people who peddled her childhood innocence before she runs out of time?

I Am Number Thirteen is the third book in the Nowhere Series, a speculative blend of riveting suspense, forgotten history, and a dash of paranormal fiction. If you like edge-of-your-seat action, compelling characters, and white-knuckle emotion, you’ll love the latest installment in Andra Watkins’ page-turning series. READ MORE HERE.


Home. I’m not really sure where that is anymore.

But my residency is finished. I’m sitting in departures at London Heathrow awaiting my flight home to America. While I’m still on this side of the Atlantic, I’m penning a residency wrap-up.

What I got from this residency:

  • A finished novel. I Am Number 13 will debut 13 November 2018. Look for opportunities to advance read in the coming week.
  • A draft of a memoir. My upcoming memoir, tentatively titled Blind Spots, is in draft mode. I’m bringing a message of hope to numerous struggling souls, of which I am one.
  • Yoga every day. For two solid months, I practiced yoga every day. I’m stronger, leaner, and clear-headed, determined to take my practice back to my daily life.
  • A clearer sense of what ails me at home. I have a ton ton ton of stress at home. It centers in four areas: keeping my books alive; immediate family; my health; and my aging aunt.

On the book front, I believe I’ve taken my work as far as I can. I’ve hit a plateau that seems impossible to climb over. No matter how hard I work, how many times I ask, or what I do, nothing moves me to the next level. I’m unsure where to go from here.

With family, I’m no closer to resolving how to handle a situation I cannot change, but I’m done getting into boxes defined by others. Whatever that means for the future, I’m being true to myself above all else, and everyone can accept that or cease to be part of my life.

Talking to my aunt for two minutes on the telephone gave me heart palpitations, but I’m all she has. Clear boundaries and more yoga are my prescription for her.

As I’ve stated repeatedly, I can’t do anything about my health other than take care of myself as best I can. Hence, I’ve made a decision to step away from stress wherever possible. If a situation causes me upset, I’m reengineering how I approach it. If stress comes from a person, I’m stepping away from them.

I’m hitting appearances hard when I get home.

I’ve got loads of appearances lined up in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Georgia, and greater St. Louis during August. September sees me in Cincinnati and greater Dallas. A library in West Irving, Texas just booked me for an appearance there!

This fall, I’m also returning to the Pacific Northwest, and I’ve got loads of appearances in the DC area.

My life at home may not be different, but I’m determined to be.





I’m going to miss Corris.

I’m sitting at Idris Stores, having my last morning latte. While I know I can return to Corris, I’m still shattered to leave.

I was talking with Veronica Calarco this morning. She runs Stiwdio Maelor, the residency where I  spent the past six weeks. We’ve both had significant health problems since we last saw one another, and we were talking about stress and busyness and the crazy.

Corris is an escape from my crazy.

People regularly ask me how I can be away from MTM for weeks when I’m on the road so much. He and I both understand one thing.

Residencies clear the cement from my brain.

When I’m home, I’m assaulted with how to keep my books alive every second of the day. I must track sales, do my own accounting, and constantly worry about money. Changes in the online landscape usually decimate my already meager sales. They’re never good for me.

On top of that, I’m speaking all over the country and trying to dig out of a financial hole. I’ve met thousands of new people in 2018 at no small cost to myself, both physically and financially. Despite the work, I made a very minor dent.

I associate home with everything stressful about life. During this residency, I’ve had numerous talks with myself about my attitude. I can’t change a lot about my personal and professional demands. They are what they are.

We can all change the way we process life’s crazy.

Corris always teaches me to relax. I hope I can carry this Welsh zen for a few weeks, at least.

Meet a few of the people I’ve been spending my days with.


Vittoria is Italian. She came to Wales on a pilgrimage to climb a road nearby. At the top, Led Zeppelin wrote Stairway to Heaven. Lots of people visit this area to ‘buy the stairway to heaven,’ but Vittoria stayed for five years, had a gorgeous little boy, and became an indispensable part of this community. She’s going back to Italy in August, and I hope I’ll see her there.


My last meal at the Slaters Arms. I only ate one meal a day on residency, but if I needed an evening snack, I went next door to the pub. Mike and company always filled me up with chips and pints.


Damasque is an artist from Adelaide, Australia. She came to Maelor with no idea what she’d make during her two week residency. From a random conversation, she ended up in a wool felting class. She gave us a fascinating workshop on this ancient technique yesterday.


I’m super sad to leave Sharon and Hazel at Idris Stores. Along with Rob, they kept me fully caffeinated during my stay. Plus, they let me sit right here where I’m typing and use their wifi. An artist in her own right, I’m taking home an original Hazel Lyons hummingbird print. Because I’ve always said I’d be a hummingbird if I weren’t human. They can eat all day and never run out of energy.

I’m going to miss Corris. It’s become home to me.