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A Long Strange Trip In Killer Shoes

When presenting to large groups, it is imperative that a lady bedeck herself in the proper footwear. Heels not too high, because falling over in front of said large group could expose her naughty bits to strangers. Heels not too low, because said lady would like to create an enviable line of leg for her bored-and-sleeping group.

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Lou Mello’s All Rotary All the Time Party

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Lou Mello, incoming Rotary 7770 District Governor on your left and Ed Duryea, current Rotary 7770 District Governor on your right. The middle needs no explanation.

Lou Mello has slaved and toiled and suffered. For years and years and years. And decades and decades and decades. I think he started working before I was born.

And, today is his last day. He’s retiring. OOCL gave him an iPad. A bigger iThingy for him to send me Rotary missives in the middle of the freaking night.

Thanks, OOCL.

We’re giving him a party. An All Rotary All The Time Party to celebrate how much harder he’s going to be working, now that he’s retired.

Please come and fete Lou, either in person or online. We will have a Google+ hangout set up, and we will have MTM-crafted paella for those who come in person.

What: Lou Mello’s All Rotary All The Time Retirement Party

When: Friday, January 11, 2013 at 7:00pm

Where: Our house (message me if you need directions)

What you can bring: Yourself. Your date. Your hungry tummy. Your voyeuristic tendencies. Many felicitations for Lou.

Please RSVP in a comment on this post, or send me a message to let me know you will be there. If you have already let me know your plans, you do not need to reply again, unless you want everyone to know you will be there.

Did I mention we’re having homemade paella?



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