I tried, Dear Reader. I wore you out this week and posted every week day. I’m spending too much time with fake people (i.e. my novel manuscript), and I wanted some personal interaction.

Thank you for spending time here.

Please enjoy a roundup of stuff I saw and liked online this week. Maybe it’ll yield good luck this Friday the 13th.

This video from The Atlantic. “Creative Ideas Happen When You Stop Checking Your Phone

The Kitchen’s Garden List of 2015 Books to Read. I’m there, but you’ll find lots of other options vetted by choosy readers.

Sarah Cottrell wins at parenting with this Scary Mommy post: “To Hell With That ‘Brighten Up Your Day’ Crap When My Kid Is Sick

If anyone knows a bibliotherapist, PLEASE send them my books’ way! From The New Yorker: “Can Reading Make You Happier?

This initiative from San Diego Public Library’s University Heights Branch:


The Hudson Valley claims pride of place at Rockefeller Center. Read about the origin of this year’s Christmas tree HERE.

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Erwin Magbanua is a twenty-first century librarian. He’s the Programming and Special Events Coordinator for San Diego Public Library. The man is in charge of events for almost forty branches. He organizes everything from author events to movie nights to corporate trainings to weddings.

Yes, people actually want to get married at San Diego’s new Central Library. And they want to hold receptions on the ninth floor rooftop, with booze and bands and a diving board designed by the building’s architect.

But that’s not why my readers will care about Erwin. I understand what makes you people swoon.

He knows the best t-shirt vendors at ComicCon by name, because he’s San Diego Public Library’s ComicCon coordinator. When the Star Wars crew visited ComicCon, he was there to greet them. Erwin shared energy with Harrison Ford.


And I shared a Monday morning with Erwin, so maybe that means Harrison Ford’s atomic matter rubbed off on me?? (A girl can dream, right??)

But seriously, it was an honor to Make a Memory with Erwin. Monday, September 21, Erwin and I spent several hours wandering around San Diego. We met at a suspension bridge near Balboa Park, and we trekked through several canyons to the San Diego Museum of Man.


Built for the Panama-California Exposition, the Museum of Man is one of the only remaining structures from the grand party that celebrated the opening of the Panama Canal in 1915. Spanish (or MTM would say self-conscious) in style, the domed building and its tower lord over the San Diego skyline. If a visitor is hearty, he or she can even climb the California Tower to a perch near the top.

Erwin and I were lucky enough to make the noon tour. We were on the lookout when the clock chimed, and we enjoyed “It’s a Small World” by bell chime. (I requested “Road to Nowhere” by Talking Heads for a future session. We’ll see………..)


If the California Tower looks familiar, don’t question your sanity. It was featured in the movie Citizen Kane. The building flanks San Diego’s replica of the Old Globe Theater and is steps from the San Diego Zoo. Definitely worth a visit when in San Diego.

I’m grateful to Erwin for spending part of a day showing me places I wouldn’t have found without him. I’ll never think of San Diego without reliving our time tottering on a suspension bridge and huffing up stairs and leaving my memoir in a free library box and chatting up everyone we met.

san diego public library

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Was the seminal library in Alexandria? Or was it a certain Parisian building, one decried by Victor Hugo in his famous “this will kill that” chapter from The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

san diego public library

I stood in an open space, nine floors below a rooftop view, and

I wondered whether
San Diego Public Library’s Central Library
outpaced them all.

Designed by San Diego architect Rob Quigley, San Diego’s new Central Library is the FUTURE of libraries. Repository for books, both new and rare? CHECK. Art gallery? CHECK. Rooftop reading room? CHECK. Coffee shop and snack spaces? CHECK and CHECK. Multi-purpose event spaces? CHECK. A charter high school? CHECK.

People even line up to play chess in the lobby.

Oh, and anyone heard of Comic-Con? As an official venue for 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, the San Diego Public Library’s Central Library hosted the likes of Harrison Ford and the Star Wars team. (And yours truly wandered every hallway touching everything Han Solo may have touched……….)

san diego public library

Look who’s in the SDPL entrance!!

As America’s 8th largest city, San Diego invests millions in reading, in learning and in the advancement of its people.

And for two days,
the city of San Diego has invested
in bringing YOURS TRULY to the people.

Check out my Facebook author page, personal profile, Twitter stream, Periscope and Instagram today, September 21, for a very special Make a Memory event with Erwin Magbanua, Programming and Special Events Coordinator for San Diego Public Library.

san diego public library

Know anyone in the greater San Diego area? Invite them to the official kick-off of SDPL’s Discover You program, featuring ME!!!!!! Make a Memory at SDPL’s Central Library. Thursday. September 24, 2015. 7PM. (Invite your friends HERE.)

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I kick a ton of doors. Sometimes, one opens. As an author, an invitation to the San Diego Public Library is like winning an Oscar. It’s validation. When I’m in a morass of self-doubt, I look at this invitation and realize I’m going someplace. I’m further up the hill than I think I am. Maybe not where I want to be, but I’m making progress. PLEASE share this post with your friends. You never know who may know someone in San Diego who needs to Make a Memory!

Get Not Without My Father: One Woman’s 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace.

Nominated for the 2015 National Book Award for Nonfiction, the Sarton Memoir Award and the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Autobiography and Memoir. Click the book cover in the upper right-hand corner of this post and be inspired to Make a Memory.