surprise korean not without my father

What’s the biggest surprise I’ve had in 2018?

Not Dad’s almost dying. Or the reactivation of my eye disease. Or canceling an appearance because the group didn’t promote it.

Nope. Those are all BAD SURPRISES.


Remember when I posted about selling Korean rights to Not Without My Father? Ages and AGES ago (read: almost three years ago), Word Hermit Press sold worldwide Korean language rights to a traditional publisher in Korea. I signed the deal, got my money, and never heard another thing about it.

Until about six months ago.

My agent reached out to ask permission to make a few minor changes to the book. How could I refuse? I mean, they could change EVERYTHING about the book and I wouldn’t know the difference. Follow THIS LINK to see what I mean.

Seriously, you want to click the link.

Did you click the link?

Because if you don’t click the link, you won’t know what it means. Hell, I’m still not sure what it means because the whole thing is in Korean. But I know one thing……..


Dad’s picture is all over Korean websites! Reviews are glowing, all four-and-five stars.

The Korean version was published in November, but neither agent nor publisher told my publisher or me. I found it because I GOT FAN MAIL. FROM A KOREAN READER.

It took both MTM and me googling for almost an hour to find the link above, SO PLEASE CLICK THE LINK.


I am officially an INTERNATIONALLY PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!!!! I make less-than-no-money, so we authors must crow and crow and crow about these accomplishments. They’re a form of validation for our toil.

Make someone in your life feel less dysfunctional. Give them Not Without My Father. CLICK HERE TO BUY.

The weight of the world lifted from me as I pressed play. It sent me into a reverie of big hair and high school, and became my surprise Christmas favorite.

When MTM and I decided to wed, it meant merging lots of things. Victorian antiques and modernist minimalist sticks. Architecture books and trashy novels. Clashing collections of music.

Read on to learn about the year when MTM found my surprise Christmas favorite song.

I fear MTM almost called off the whole wedding bells business over my adoration of Elton John. He cannot stand him. Me? Well, let’s just say I almost cried when I got to tour a shoe factory in Northamptonshire and saw several pairs of his brightly colored brogues on display. Fairy dust of Sir Elton’s things fluttered around me in the circle of shoe life. I actually had a conversation with Simon, our guide, about having a pair of Sir Eltons crafted for me. When he named the price, I had to come down in time and realize the utter preposterousness of such a discussion in the first place.

Hard times call for desperate measures. A couple of years ago, MTM sought a Christmas collection that wasn’t like anything else I possessed, something that would scream ‘the one’ to him. A colorful cover danced into his sight lines, and he decided to let the bad blood between him and Sir Elton go once and forever. He bought me Elton John’s Christmas Party and brought it home with a look of utter sacrifice on his face.

The weight of the world lifted from my shoulders as I pressed play.

Except for the Flaming Lips, the whole collection was the antithesis of anything MTM would ever, EVER choose, while it sent me into a reverie of big hair and high school. Some of my favorite times from teenagerdom happened while Sir Elton or The Pet Shop Boys boogied in the background.

And, lo! The Pet Shop Boys were on the CD, too, returning me to the paradise of being young, my life uncharted before me. It Doesn’t Often Snow at Christmas became my surprise Christmas favorite, the song I never thought I’d like that I play year-round.

Do you have a surprise Christmas favorite?

Is there a song you can’t believe you sing every holiday, one that you connect with on some deeper level or place in your past? Share your selections today in a comment.