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The Story Circle Continues….

Last week, Cameron D. Garriepy invited me to participate in Story Circle, a four-week series she runs on her blog. Every Friday, a different writer contributes part of the story, weaving it to a conclusion. Cameron is a gifted writer and is boundlessly supportive of others. I love reading her stories, two collections of which are currently available for download on Smashwords here.

Thank you, Cameron, for including me in this series on your blog.

I started off the series with “Making of the Shrew,” the story of Penelope and Arthur. Today, Kate Shrewsday picked up where I left off, and she has woven a doozy of a tale. I was honored that Kate agreed to follow me. Her writing is layered and luminous. Not only is she a talented scrivener, but she is also a person I consider my friend.

Next Friday, Susan Sheldon Nolen will pick up where Kate concluded with Penelope and Arthur. Kate introduced me to Susan just today, and I already cannot wait to see what she does with the twist at the end and how she continues to weave these characters. Susan has a short story, Ted’s Day Out, available for download for Amazon Kindles. Please support her wonderful writing by buying her book.

And now, please follow this link to Cameron’s blog to read the continuation of “Making of the Shrew” by Kate Shrewsday. If you missed the beginning last Friday, you can find the first installment here.


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