My father is almost eighty-one. My mother is……….well, she’ll kill me if I type a number over fifty. Her birthday was around Father’s Day. They ganged up on us with one request:

an iPad mini.

“Because I want to be able to FaceTime your cousin Lori and see her baby. And your daddy wants to video call you ten times a day.”


I’m not sure I want video calls from either parent. I’ve been hearing blush-worthy tales of their escapades since my brother moved in with them.

My brother: “Can I put a lock on my bedroom door?”

My mother: “Why ever would you want to do that?”

My brother: “Because if Dad barges in butt-nekkid one more time and stands there and talks to me while he scratches himself, I’m gonna lose it.”

Apparently, my parents are nudists at home.


Let’s take bets, Dear Reader. How will my parents first experience Naked FaceTime? Will Mom call my husband while she’s in the bathtub, thinking she’s calling one of her sisters? (That’s what she’ll claim as she flashes her boobs and laughs. Just wait.)

Or will Dad give me a wiener shot as he pees in the backyard? I mean KILLS TERMITES. Because OF COURSE everyone knows urine kills termites.


If I explain what’s captured and recorded online these days, it won’t matter. Mom won her gym’s monthly weight lifting title in her age bracket. She WANTS everybody at the NSA to see how hot she is.

Dad still doesn’t understand how video travels the internet, but that won’t stop his tingly fingers from pressing the green-and-white button a hundred times a day. He thinks everyone should witness his epic bowel movements.

What do you think, Dear Reader?

Best answer wins a
FaceTime call from the
parent of your choice.

******Clothing is their choice.*******


andra watkins feedback

Dear Readers, it’s been a couple of months since the new andrawatkins.com launched. I couldn’t be happier with my new online home. It’s clean. Visual. Easy on the backend. Something I’m proud to see promoted and shared.

I really need your feedback.

What’s this new experience like for YOU, the user?

  • COMMENTS – Is it easy to leave a comment from any device? What logon information are you required to provide? If you’re seeing multiple logon steps, does that preclude you from commenting? Have you had logon crashes or been unable to leave a comment? Any other comment-related concerns?
  • FACEBOOK COMMENTS – I activated Facebook comments to give you another interaction choice. Please know that I don’t see Facebook comments like I see main site commentary. I don’t get notifications that you’ve commented via Facebook very often, and I’m usually surprised when I go back to older posts and see additional comments there. How’s your Facebook comment experience? Can you see your comments in your news feeds or on your pages? Can you easily access replies directly from Facebook? Do you like the experience, or would you prefer fewer comment options?
  • CONTENT – While my content has changed, my approach to being here remains the same: I want to engage with you, read your comments and maintain a connection. If you’d like to see more engaging types of posts, additional variety or anything else here, please let me know. I’ll be working on my April content calendar soon, and I’d like to incorporate your feedback.
  • POSTING FREQUENCY – I post on weekdays and take weekends off. I write and schedule my posts for an entire month to leave time for other things. Am I posting too much? Too little? Just right?
  • WORDPRESS.COM READER – Are you seeing my posts in your WordPress.com reader? A couple of readers indicated they saw them there following site launch, but I want to make sure that connection is working.

Your time is crowded with demands you can’t meet in a lifetime. I appreciate the time you give me.



Edits abound. Deadlines loom.

And I want to know if I’m the only person who’s used a pot to magnify the sound of a musical device?

When outdoor speakers broke at a party, we threw a phone into a Teflon pot and pressed Play. The non-stick surface yielded a tinny sound. We swapped Teflon for metal.

And McGyvered a new speaker.

We tapped our feet to the results for a couple of hours.

Has anyone else tried this listening technique? Or maybe you’ve found a new use for an everyday thing?

Please share your brilliance in a comment today.