It’s hard to quantify why I want to tell his story differently and why I care so much. Certain people get into your heart and soul. Why else would this place inspire me?

I took that inspiration and poured it into a book to share with the world, and I work hard to share it. This sharing – and inspiring – is my job.

What people think my job is like: “Wow, you’re traveling again? It looks so glamorous! You must enjoy these vacations!”

What my job is REALLY like:

  1. Drive almost 4 hours to northern WI for an event;
  2. Change clothes in a tiny bathroom at the venue;
  3. Inhale a milkshake for dinner;
  4. Set up my presentation;
  6. Listen to stories until the last person leaves;
  7. Tear down and load;
  8. Drive through a tornado watch for two hours;
  9. Fall into bed near midnight;
  10. Get up at 5am to be at a 7am appearance;

Before anyone says I sound like I’m complaining, I LOVE MY JOB. Yes, it’s hard. But every time I open my inbox and find another memory someone made because of Dad and me, or I listen to another person tell me the memory they’re making because of us, I KNOW I’M DOING WHAT MATTERS. I don’t make much money. I’m wearing myself out and flinging myself into walls and hearing “no” more than anyone can possibly imagine, but I’m giving all that two middle fingers and charging forward.

If you’ve read one or all of my books, thank you.
If you’ve encouraged others to read them, THANK YOU.
If you’ve requested them at your local library, a sloppy kiss for you.
If you’ve told someone to invite me to speak, thank you even more.

Now I’m off to Oshkosh. Hope I don’t have to drive through a tornado to tell our story!!

You can read more about what Merry gave me. I’m honored to be the person that wrote a story for him. I’d be even more honored if you would read To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis.

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french tickler nancy france

Life hasn’t been kind to MTM. Between his collarbone (he’s out of the sling but not back on the bike), my eye (coming down off steroids is maddening, I tell you) and my book things (WHYOHWHYOHWHY ISN’T ANYONE BUYING MY BOOK??????!!!!!!?????? I scream as I bang my head into his intricately prepared dinner and stab myself with my fork), we aren’t the easiest couple these days. His every sexual overture is met with me grabbing the computer and shouting, “IF I JUST TWEAK THIS THING RIGHT HERE, TWO MORE PEOPLE WILL DOWNLOAD MY MEMOIR!!!!!”

Which is why you might notice a gap in my event calendar.

MTM planned it that way.

Because I’m such a public appearance whore…..I say yes to everyone but him……..especially when there’s money involved.

From Wednesday, February 11 to Tuesday, February 17, I’ll be, um, giving MTM the French Tickler. And other things. He’s taking my electronic devices and dragging my butt someplace else.

Not only will I be completely off prednisone, but I will also be deprived of the one activity that has consumed my every waking thought.

Tell me how to cope, Dear Reader.