It’s one thing to inspire a friend that you’ve known for a long time and know their likes/dislikes. It’s another thing to be inspiring to total strangers!

Inspiring Walkers

Last year I was tagged on instagram by this lovely young lady.

inspiring others to walk

#timetowalk#elcaminodesantiago#pilgrim#500miles#soblessed#inspiredby @andrawatkins and @cherylstrayed

4 weeks later she posted this picture:

she walked the whole way. inspiring


According to the the pictures she posted in between things were not always easy, but she finished her 800 km walk. Her journey – that I helped inspire –  inspires me.

Inspiring Bikers

biked the Natchez Trace. inspiring others

Reader Highlight: Ben Rivers biked past me on the Natchez Trace in 2014 then came to meet me at this event.

In February I received this message:

We are a group of 10 cyclists who are planning to travel the Natchez trace from Natchez Mississippi to Nashville Tennessee. I have loved your book. It is insightful, humorous to the point of hilarity, and yet very down to earth.
Thank you for the inspiration.
Paul Detrisac

And then in April:

What a hidden Gem the Natchez Trace is. We completed our bike ride without a flat among `10 bikers, quite a testament to the quality of pavement. I thought of your journey frequently during our trek and was inspired to move on. Before I left I read your book about Merry and Emmaline ” To live forever” What a masterpiece of weaving, past, present and future, into an exciting novel. I would like to complement you on your writing. Have a great year.
Paul Detrisac

Inspiration is around every corner. So go for a walk!

Who inspires you? Or who have you inspired? I’d love to hear from you in the comments here or we can connect on social media. The links to my accounts are at the top right of this page.

It’s hard to quantify why I want to tell his story differently and why I care so much. Certain people get into your heart and soul. Why else would this place inspire me?

I took that inspiration and poured it into a book to share with the world, and I work hard to share it. This sharing – and inspiring – is my job.

What people think my job is like: “Wow, you’re traveling again? It looks so glamorous! You must enjoy these vacations!”

What my job is REALLY like:

  1. Drive almost 4 hours to northern WI for an event;
  2. Change clothes in a tiny bathroom at the venue;
  3. Inhale a milkshake for dinner;
  4. Set up my presentation;
  6. Listen to stories until the last person leaves;
  7. Tear down and load;
  8. Drive through a tornado watch for two hours;
  9. Fall into bed near midnight;
  10. Get up at 5am to be at a 7am appearance;

Before anyone says I sound like I’m complaining, I LOVE MY JOB. Yes, it’s hard. But every time I open my inbox and find another memory someone made because of Dad and me, or I listen to another person tell me the memory they’re making because of us, I KNOW I’M DOING WHAT MATTERS. I don’t make much money. I’m wearing myself out and flinging myself into walls and hearing “no” more than anyone can possibly imagine, but I’m giving all that two middle fingers and charging forward.

If you’ve read one or all of my books, thank you.
If you’ve encouraged others to read them, THANK YOU.
If you’ve requested them at your local library, a sloppy kiss for you.
If you’ve told someone to invite me to speak, thank you even more.

Now I’m off to Oshkosh. Hope I don’t have to drive through a tornado to tell our story!!

You can read more about what Merry gave me. I’m honored to be the person that wrote a story for him. I’d be even more honored if you would read To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis.

A desperate explorer. A little girl in danger. Can they beat their mutual enemy before it’s too late? If you like thrilling action, compelling characters and rollicking adventure, then you’ll love the 2nd book in New York Times bestselling author Andra Watkins’ Nowhere series. To Live Forever is available everywhere now!

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Life is a verb. - Brian Doyle

Life is a verb. ~ Brian Doyle

If anybody’s living life as a verb these days, it’s ME.

I left Charleston before Labor Day. Destination? Portland, Oregon. Last week, I appeared at libraries around greater Portland and Seaside. I gave motivational talks at multiple civic clubs. And I spent time with one of my writing idols, the very person who authored today’s quote.

This week, I’m visiting two book clubs, another library, and several business groups. I’ll probably collapse when I board my plane of Friday!

Why do I do this to myself?

People remember VERBS.

Verbs are all about action. They make an impression. Sure, people can interact with me online, but when I stand in front of them, gaze into their eyeballs, and share my story?

I’m weaving verbs audiences don’t forget.

On my last jaunt through North Carolina and Tennessee, I made lots of new connections. One group wants me to return to their library next February. Another set of library patrons requested another program for Hard to Die. Groups at North Carolina State University want me to visit, and student civic clubs in Tennessee are interested in my program. Someone even approached me about a 2017 conference keynote on Grand Cayman. Another group wants me to address their Chamber of Commerce.

Verbs create more verbs.

I’m already anticipating a busy 2017, but I’d still like to visit YOUR community. Here are several ways we can partner to make it happen:

  1. If your local library doesn’t carry my titles, REQUEST THEM FOR PURCHASE. Libraries buy books patrons want.
  2. Once the library has my books, ASK WHO COORDINATES LIBRARY PROGRAMMING. Librarians are more receptive to programs suggested by patrons. I’d love to pitch my program to the right person in your area. Send me a name and contact information, and I’ll take it from there.
  3. Are you part of a book club or reading group, either through a library or privately? SUGGEST ONE OF MY BOOKS. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve created Discussion Guides for every title. Book clubs can download them HERE. Plus, I love to visit reading groups, either in person or via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout.
  4. Are you affiliated with a school, university, civic club, historical society, or business group? RECOMMEND ME TO SPEAK. I often leverage one invitation to book multiple appearances in one area. I’d relish delivering a dynamic program to your group.

I want to make more verbs in 2017.
Will you help me?


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