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Slammed by Sibilance

Sibilance. For those of us who know nothing about the mysterious world of audio recording, it's a thing that happens. Listening devices emit searing static, usually when the vocalist speaks the letters S, C and sometimes T.

And I have the most sibilant voice on the planet, Dear Reader.

I've recorded my entire book.

And it's FULL of sibilance.

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The Mote in my Eye

A quick post.

I'm writing. And recording. In a cabin outside of Brevard, North Carolina. Thanks to the generosity of Chris Mills, I'm writing yards from Cardinal Road.

The ocular toxoplasmosis in my right eye has flared in a mighty way. Days before Christmas, my tree looks like I'm peering through frosted glass on one side of my head, a sensation that induces dizziness and even seasickness.

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Dump On Me

Okay, Dear Reader. I'm ready.

For you to dump on me.

Give me your unvarnished opinions. In 2015, I want my words and examples to compel people to Make a Memory of their own. I've included working text and examples below. Is it confusing? Does it yield a Make a Memory idea or several? Is it unclear? Stupid? Compelling?

Dump on me. I want people to start inviting people to Make a Memory on January 2, 2015.

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Say It Isn’t So (A Post About You)

A Tuesday post!! From Moi! To persecute your inbox and give you another thing you don't have time to read!!!!! Say it isn't so!!!!!!!

Bwahahahahaha. (To quote Lou Mello.)

I owe you an apology. You, Dear Reader. Not Lou Mello.

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I’ve Got The P.O.W.ER

And YOU should have the P.O.W.ER, too. Lisa A. Kramer's debut novel P.O.W.ER (Word Hermit Press) launches today. I was lucky to read a preview copy, and I've included my Goodreads review below.

My Goodreads Review of P.O.W.ER:

Lisa A. Kramer's debut novel P.O.W.ER is a tour de force of storytelling. Even though I don't usually bond with dystopian stories, I was captivated by the empowering call to women everywhere. After decades of feminism, we ladies still need to embrace our power. Kramer's world is a natural progression of our current society, which is largely governed and corporately run by men. I blew through P.O.W.ER's pages, and I saw what women could accomplish when they work together and elevate one another. The book teaches that all women have unique gifts, things we often ignore by listening to criticism, by heeding our own flagging confidence, and by giving up too soon. P.O.W.ER is a siren call to all women, couched in a well-crated story that's entertaining, poignant and memorable. Mark your calendars for December 1, folks, and snap this one up!!

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