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Okay. So. I think I can safely be called the Accidental Cootchie Mama. We were invited to go out to dinner with Kristin Walker and her husband Randy. Because Kristin is very involved in the biking community in Charleston, we decided that we would all ride our bicycles for our outing. She and Randy proposed […]

Everyone has a “most embarrassing moment.” Few people are stupid enough to put them out there in cyberspace for anyone to read. I guess I’m stupid. My mother, the good Southern woman that she is, always wanted me to be girly. She dressed me in frilly dresses, bedecked me in loads of bling and ribbon […]

It is a fundamental fact of any architect, one that anyone who lives with him or her has to just accept – architects love their pens. There can never be enough pens. And, they usually must be a specific type of pen. Any old pen will not do. We are now in the mountains. One […]