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My Wife Gave Me a Fungus

It was driving her crazy that I wouldn't open her box. She had wrapped it more simply than usual, as if its minimalism would entice me to set aside my usual reserved nature and rip it open to behold her gift.

But I wouldn't succumb.

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Unorthodox Shrimp Stock

I am not a cook. Perhaps refusing to read directions and follow rules results in a few accidental epiphanies in the kitchen. One of those has to be my shrimp stock. I don't do it right. No onion or garlic. No vegetable bits. Yet somehow, it still works.

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Magnolia Cemetery Is THE Place to be Dead

Charleston's Magnolia Cemetery is one of those hidden places. In a bad neighborhood......well, we now LIVE in that neighborhood, but MTM calls it a 'cemetery ghetto' because several other cemeteries flank it. A stone's throw from the old Charleston landfill. Flanked by dilapidated industrial buildings and a housing project that is so bad it is perpetually blocked off by the Charleston police.

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A Breath of Charleston Spring

I've often said that Charleston in February is sublime. Not too many tourists, if one avoids the Southeastern Wildlife Expo weekend. The possibility of lovely weather. Or not. Winter camellias blooming alongside with springtime azaleas. Blue sky not laden with the haze of humidity.

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The Valley of Dry Bones

The Gaillard Auditorium Site
Charleston, South Carolina
February 2013
Them archeologists is over here. Digging. Right where they found the jaw bone and some teeth. Got thirty-seven graves. So far.

They know what they doing, let me tell you that. I mean, they don't think it was plague or nothing, on account of the graves all being dug at different depths.

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