Do you make resolutions? You know, that long list of 2014 things you should’ve compiled by now if you have any intention of accomplishing them in the new year??

I stopped making resolutions a decade ago. Life is a series of constant adjustments, tweaks I can’t always coordinate to a big change in the calendar.

But if I could challenge myself for 2014, I’d like to accomplish three things.

Maybe my list will inspire you.

I will read books with too many pages. I will seek out genres that challenge me: to see a different world view; to grasp something I don’t believe; to commit time to a few topics and characters that make me think or cry, laugh or feel. Life becomes stale when my box contains the same ingredients, recycled over and over again. I want to color outside my own lines.

I will visit a place I cannot stand, a building I’ve only seen in a photograph. Every place is alive. It tells its own story. I cannot possibly judge a place from a picture. It isn’t fair to the unique play of shadow and light, to the stories the place can whisper, to the scents and sounds that give a building life. I may come away from that place thinking it even uglier, but at least I will speak from a full experience.

(Maybe I will expand this view to everything in Life, because I am generally to quick to judge, to categorize, to write off.)

(I miss a lot of living by sitting in my own box.)

I will make a friend who sees the world from the seat opposite me. We won’t vote for the same candidates or worship the same way or even value the same things. And I’m not going to give a damn. Life is boring if I surround myself with people who are just like me. Who agree with me. Who think like me. Who do all the same things I do. Maybe, just maybe, I will learn to accept people who see the world differently without calling them things like ‘stupid’ or ‘ignorant’ or ‘uninformed’ or ‘wrong.’

However you plan to tackle the new year, I wish you nothing but seconds that build into minutes that become hours that morph into days that transform into months that make up a year of EVERY SINGLE THING YOU WANT.

Happy New Year, Dear Reader.

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