So, what are Dad and Alice up to while I’m plodding along on the Natchez Trace? Besides eating fried chicken and not bringing me any?

(Okay. That isn’t fair. At the end of Day Two, they took me back to the Old Country Store Restaurant in Lorman, Mississippi. After I cleaned my plate, Mr D even sang Sugar Pie Honey Bunch to me.)

Here’s a photographic documentary of their adventures. Note the number of times Dad is running his mouth to a crowd of unwitting people.

to live forever book, natchez trace, old country store restaurant lorman ms

Heading in to get some Heavenly Fried Chicken.

to live forever book, natchez trace

Looking for more junk Roy doesn’t need.

to live forever book, natchez trace

Talking wood with strangers.

to live forever book, natchez trace

Alice finally got to see some architecture at Longwood Plantation in Natchez, Mississippi.

to live forever book, natchez trace

The Rotunda. Made of wood, as Roy helpfully pointed out.

to live forever book, natchez trace

Regaling more strangers with jokes.

to live forever book, natchez trace

And, FINALLY, Roy got around to selling my book. WHICH IS THE WHOLE REASON HE IS HERE.

Today’s Reader Question is all about potty business.

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