After a week of trudging along the Natchez Trace, I miss two things: home cooking and the conveniences of my own place. Eating with Dad means he pouts like a toddler if we go somewhere he thinks he won’t like. Plus, there’s this…..

“I can’t eat greens, cause I take coumadin. You know, that blood thinner? And I can’t eat sugar, because I’m a diabetic. My blood sugar was 160 when I pricked my finger this morning. Dropped the alcohol and got blood all over the bathroom. Oh, and I can’t eat peanuts, because they aggravate my hemorrhoids.”

“Yay, Dad. I’m STARVING now.”

Sigh. (While the server flees our table and screams about the crazy man at number 13.)

The Isabella Bed & Breakfast in Port Gibson, Mississippi, accommodated Dad’s picky palate. They even made a special dinner for us after a grueling day on the Trace, meaning I didn’t have to drive all the way back to Natchez to fill up. I was sorry to leave.


We checked in at Mamie’s Cottage in Raymond, Mississippi, and I laid my knackered eyeballs on the jacuzzi tub. I think I spent as much time with those burbling jets as I did hiking the Trace……….oh, wait. I just dreamed I did that. I couldn’t luxuriate in the tub without Dad barging in to empty his bladder every 30 minutes. No, he didn’t care about my state of undress. When he’s gotta go, he’s GOTTA GO.

If I ever want to see the Trace again after hiking its 444-mile length, I’ll definitely give both these places a call.

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