Ninety-nine miles. When I ended my walk on Wednesday, I was 99 miles from the end of the Natchez Trace. Mile post 345.

I spent Tuesday walking in wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. When I picked up my foot, the wind blew it into different spots than I intended. A couple of times, blasts of air battered me into the road.

A car stopped. Rolled down the window. “I’m related to William Clark. Will you sign my book?” The gale whipped the pages as I leaned into the car and scribbled my signature.

I had to pick dust out of my teeth from smiling through a dust storm.

Meeting people has been one of the best things about my walk. As I get closer to Nashville, more folks are deciding to stop.

Yesterday, a biker came out of the woods, chanting my name. He claimed to be the ghost of Meriwether Lewis.

“I see you’ve met my dad,” I quipped. (Dad sold him a book at a rest stop a couple of miles up the road.) A man from Commerce, Georgia, he was riding to Natchez alone to celebrate his 74th birthday. I told him to stay with Miss Ethel when he made it.

Another car stopped while we were talking. “We’re from Clifton, Tennessee. Will you sign our book?”

I may never make it to Nashville at this rate, but I don’t care. Every reader is a gift. I love meeting you.

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