The To Live Forever Journey to Charleston Contest ends April 15. Next TUESDAY. Still plenty of time to rack up LOTS of entries.

In this post, I’ll focus on the free dinner for two at Charleston’s Lana Restaurant. Just one of the freebies in this freebie-packed trip to Charleston.

Chef John Ondo is one of those people who will actually go off the menu for me. When MTM and I went in there and said, “Make us whatever you want,” he did it. And, he enjoyed it. His skill in the kitchen runs across food regions, and every single thing he makes is yum-yummy.

It’s one of my very favorite places.

You know you want to win.

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Dinner for two at Lana Restaurant ($150 value) As chef/owner of Lana Restaurant, John Ondo has spent the last seven years refining Lana’s rustic approach to Mediterranean cuisine. He interprets classic regional dishes through local ingredients, a respect for high-quality products, and an adventurous spirit.

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