I’m always happy for an excuse to visit Beaufort, South Carolina. The town that was too pretty to burn during the War of Northern Aggression, I mean, the United States Civil War. (Well, because a bunch of Northerners owned the sprawling mansions by the time the Union Army got there.)

I’m glad. Whatever it took to save this treasure, an hour’s drive south of Charleston and an hour and a half from Savannah, GA: Maybe those dang Confederates weren’t too proud to beg.

Perhaps you recognize the sprawling marsh vistas and Spanish moss from the movies. The Big Chill, perhaps? Or Forrest Gump? Beaufort is very cinematic, and that’s another reason why I enjoy any excuse to knock on its front door.

Okay, the real reason?

I’ll take any excuse to drive through the ACE Basin. Nothing but marsh grass and blue sky on either side of the road. Boiled peanuts from a rusted out trailer. And worship at Old Sheldon.

I can never go that way without a little detour to Old Sheldon’s ragged teeth, its heartburned insides, its refusal to kneel to the command of fire and ice.

Thanks to the Sea Island Rotary Club for asking me to speak on Tuesday. For giving me a pass to wallow in all the reasons I’m proud to be a Very Southern Girl.


If you’re ever in the Charleston/Beaufort/HiltonHead/Savannah area, Old Sheldon Church is worth a trip. Just look at these photos to see why: Andra Watkins Tumblr

I’ll be ranting about geekery tomorrow, specifically Internet Geekery and all the recent changes that impact bloggers in the Great Blogosphere. Also, I’ll have another Reader Question video, so please stop by. (And ask more questions. As you’ve seen, I’ll do just about anything for an excuse to make a fool of myself with my iPhone. But not like that US Airways person (do NOT click the link if you’re at work……….seriously……..DON’T………..)

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