To fall apart. To come together.

Maybe that’s what the Lion King meant in the song “Circle of Life.” Have I mentioned how much I love cartoons?


Surely you’ve had one of those days where you thought nothing worked. Well, Dear Readers, I’ve had two in a row. I’m bleary from hearing no and we don’t want and you can’t have and that won’t interest anybody.

But I’ll tell you something about Life.

If we just power through that stuff like we didn’t hear it in the first place, sometimes, in the waning hours of two days full of shit……..

Life knits itself back together.

At least, my life did.

I can’t speak for Team USA.

Will you watch the World Cup, now that Team USA is eliminated? (I’m asking American readers, because of course, everyone else will keep watching.)

Or, like Jim at Ginger Fight Back, do you think it’s time for some new sports? (Read his hilarious “Pity England – Crap at Everything” post here.)

I’ve mated the World Cup with Disney. If I could just work Frozen in, this post might break the internet. Maybe link whoredom will make Jim’s new sporting list…….


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