I meant to take pictures, pictures, pictures of our visit with the Shrewsdays. Really, I did.

But after spending two solid weeks looking at screens, I decided to give myself a little break. Sort of. After all, I was sweating from every pore in the 108 degree heat index on Saturday, the day MTM planned to take the Shrewsdays on the Mayors Institute Walking Tour of Charleston. And, because Kate is Kate, he wanted to give her the FULL tour, not the highlights dignitaries often request because they can’t walk far.

When we met the Shrewsdays at Charleston’s Waterfront Park at 8am, it was already 84 degrees. MTM did his copper map dog-and-pony show, taking the British through four centuries of Charleston history. (The 21st Century plate is missing. MTM jokes that Charleston has no future.)

After sweltering in the sun for thirty minutes, we led the group through city streets to one of their favorite parts of the morning: an air conditioned bakery. From there, MTM led a death march to Charleston’s Battery, down Stoll’s Alley, back up Church Street and along Broad Street to the Four Corners of Law, where he pointed out the most important site on the tour: City Hall, where he and I got married.

By then, it was 10:30am and 100 degrees.

We all decided to stop at Fast and French for air conditioning, I mean, water.

Next, we tortured, I mean, showed the Shrewsdays the Unitarian churchyard (a cemetery they could see a thousand times in England), and we told ghost stories outside the Old Jail. By that point, even I was wobbly from the heat. We cut across the peninsula (through every air conditioned outlet we could find) and ended our tour with lunch at Fleet Landing (where eleven-year-old Felix saw his first porpoise in the wild.)

Our English visitors were hearty. Their spirits never flagged, and their steps did not drag.

I’ve included a few of the only photos I took of our tour on my Tumblr site here: Andra Watkins Tumblr




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