I owe some of you an apology.

The hardest thing. The longest climb. The yoga pose that lasts for hours. Daily marathons. Or what about walking fifteen miles a day for thirty-four days?

I’m convinced nothing is more challenging than writing and finding an audience.

Still, everyone should try. Keep on keeping on. Never, ever, ever give up. Cliches? Yes. True? Absolutely.

I forget that mentality sometimes. When I see you one-on-one.

I grouse. I whine. I complain.

Because no one ever tells you writing is lonely all the way around.  On random days, it gets to me. I can’t always hide from people in my lowest moments, and I’ve never been good at filtering my trap.

I’m lucky to know you. I’ve shed tears over how many of you deem me inspiring, because I’m oblivious to that stuff.

You inspire me, and that’s really all that registers in my head.

Thank you for being there.

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