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One of the happiest things about releasing advance copies of Not Without My Father was how it spoke to early readers. I heard so many insights, favorite phrases, and things readers were determined to change.

Not Without My Father is already making memories!

But I also heard from people who couldn’t fathom making a memory. What if the person they invited said no? Or they couldn’t follow through because of work/kids/extracurriculars/general crazy? Maybe they’d take time to Make a Memory, only to hate the hell out of it (and each other) when they were done.

And you know what those are?


As I struggled with these responses, my friend Robert Johnson sent me a link to this TedTalk by Brené Brown. The Power of Vulnerability. And I thought, “Yes! Yes! THIS is why people fear Make a Memory!”

Making a Memory requires vulnerability.

Please invest a few minutes and watch Brené’s incredible talk. As you’re watching, grab a pen and a pad and scribble the names of the first people who come to mind.

Pick a name. Embrace vulnerability. Make a Memory.

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Make a Memory in 2015. Turn I wish I had into I’m glad I did. Click HERE to get started.

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