Every week, I scour the internet for compelling reasons to Make a Memory. For experts with PhD’s. For personalities with gaggles of followers. For reasoned research.

All in the name of convincing readers to
Make a Memory RIGHT NOW.

Usually, I select a video. Something visual with a quick punch.

But today, I bring you an article from last October’s The Atlantic. James Hamblin’s “Buy Experiences, Not Things” made me stand up and cheer.

His story touts the science behind living in the moment. It cites more than a decade of research that indicates people are happier with experiences over possessions.

buy experiences not things

Awaiting an experience is positive anticipation.

Experiential line-waiters are more patient. People who buy experiences are more generous. Groups connect through buying an experience over a thing. And consumers of experiences don’t compare their adventures to those of their peers, making them less envious of others.

Hamblin’s article is packed with experts who will validate your next vacation. Your dream destination. Your quiet afternoon on the back porch, sipping a beverage and watching the sunset.

Read the full article HERE.

Photo credit: The Atlantic

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